Transmogrification and me

Hello there! Long time, no see. For many a reason and another, the blogging came to a complete stop a while back. Lost interest in the game, came back, but had lost interest in the blog. Also, I reckoned any old readers had counted on this blog being rather dead for good this time as well. Shame, as I quite enjoyed it. Maybe I'll manage to have a go at it again though. I'll give it a shot. Some things have changed. If you are reading this, you might have noticed that the header have changed, in order to match my new "self". Troll it is nowadays, and a new server and guild as well. So far, I like it here, and I'm raiding only now and then, which is cool, since i have rather busy days at uni now. I got accepted into a 5-year teachers education, which will end in a MA in what seems to be British literature (unless I change my mind and pick language or area studies). Quite interesting, but also so very much hard work. Yikes. Anyway, onto the topic of this post.

I wanted to put together a little something on the rather new transmog feature. I was thrilled as soon as I heard about it, and I still am enjoying this feature quite a lot. I had already been collecting various gear pieces all the way back to at least TBC, so naturally I had all these different goodies lying around in my bank. Then again, those were mostly old raid sets and/or cloth and RP pieces I couldn't use, so I went ahead and worked my way through various places in order to collect new gear for my druid.

The first sets I aquired was the set from Wailing Caverns, the Embrace of the Viper. To complete the set, I had to add some extra bits and pieces, and landed on Truestrike Shoulders from the first boss in UBRS and the druid T5 headpiece. When I still had a mace, i transmogged it into The Essence Focuser, and completed it with Witch's Finger as my off-hand. Behold the (somewhat dark and gloomy) result:

Then, after a while, I wanted to swap out some pieces, but still keep a sense of "custom design", so I went to the Darkmoon Faire and purchased some old-school pieces. I swapped out the shoulders, pants and gloves with Replica Wildheart Spaulders, Replica Wildheard Gloves and Replica Wildheart Kilt. I also got a new dagger and had to ditch the mace (booo), so I went with Blade of Trapped Knowledge instead. It has a nice, white glow that will override your current enchant. Putting this together, and also pulling out a matching companion, I got the following look, which I am quite pleased with:

Voila! My current set :D Don't know how long before I get bored of this and want yet another change, but it is at least unique in some way. Haven't seen anyone else with anything similar, so that's quite nice. And oh, I had to visit the barber shop to redo my hair as well. It's all about the details, you know.

Hope to see you soon. Or well, hope to see anyone, just ANYONE reading this blog still! Give me a should if you are, please :) Toodles!


The Longest Night..

Ok, where do i even begin to explain this messy story? Let's take it from the beginning and see where it ends. I went out to the park to meet some friends of mine, and we sat there and had some beers. Then we moved to a pub with some live music which was really cool, but the sound level was awfully high, so we had to leave and go somewhere else. Then after a while i went home to change clothes and go out to meet some other friends to go clubbing.

The club was nice, music was nice, and all this i knew, since it was some people i know who DJ'd there, and i usually go there when they do. So when the night started to near its end, we went to the stop where i was to take the night bus home from, and they went to get a cab.

Just as they left, i realised i didnt have my purse. Uh-oh. No purse meant no phone, no money, no bus ticket, no keys to the flat. Awesome! I had put my purse in my friends bag, because it was more convenient, but then both she and i forgot. So i sat down to wait and see if they realised and turned around. And i waited. And waited.. AND WAITED! And it got colder and colder, and this part of town is really no place for a single woman to be wandering around alone, so i was stuck there, and there was nothing to do.

I tried to scout for a police car, so i could ask them for help, and after 1.5 hours, i managed to find someone and ask for help. They called the number info line and tried to get the phone number of my friend, but she wasnt registered. And neither was the other guy she went home with. Then what? OH, my brother lived nearby, so then we tried to call him. But he didnt answer. Muh. Running out of choices, they said i could go to the E.R. and ask for help there, or at least get shelter for the night. So off i went, as the sun was coming up, so it felt a bit safer to walk down the road to the get some "medical" help.

Arriving there i had to register and like "hi, im sort of homeless". Then i had to wait for ages to get to talk to a social worker, and when it was finally my turn, she and i couldnt manage to find my friends number either. Tried my brother again as well, and even his flat mate. No answer. Tried my best friend to have her hand me the number of the one who had my purse, but she didnt pick up. Now, normally id just call my uncle and have him take me in, but just this week he's in Spain. Bummer! And my best friend whom i tried to call (and would crash with), is in Poland. I mean, come on, how much bad luck can i have in one night alone?

Finally the social worked had a brilliant idea. Why dont i call my own phone? DING DONG. So i did, and my friend picked up, wondering wtf had happened. Some blah blah later, we agreed to meet on a bus station close to where she and the guy were, and i gave her the exact time of my arrival. Then followed more waiting.

Since i didnt have anything, the social worker had to file some papers and arrange for me to have a bus ticket. So i had to actually get some sort of social service to get there. There's a first time for everything it seems.

When the tram came, i hopped on, obviously still in last nights clothes, totally looking like i was out on a "walk of shame", which is rather embarassing, especially since i was innocent! 20 minutes later i get off at the station only to not find my friend anywhere. I waited and waited, then went into a kiosk to ask if i could borrow the phone. The dude just stared at me and gave me a lame "no". So i muttered, "ok gonna have to ask the cops then" and ran out to a police car that was parked outside (thank god), and they called my phone for me. No answer. Great, they fell asleep! They tried again, and now the dude picked up, all groggy and sleepy. A couple of minutes later he managed to give the police his adress so i could get there, and the officer told him to come out and meet me. And then he was like "hop in, we'll take you" so i got to ride the police car! Woop, never done that before :p

Finally. He was out waiting, i thanked the police, got my purse and took the bus home. Still feeling really embarassed over looking all "walk of shame". Then my best friend called me, since she had woken up and seen both my friend tried to call her several times, and that she had missing calls from the hospital as well. I explained everything to her, and said i was fine and nearly home. Also had to text my brother to say i was fine in case he checked out the number and got worried because someone from the hospital had tried to reach him.

Tick-tock, nearly eight o'clock. My bed. My sweet, sweet bed! Sleep. Wonderful sleep! <3


Recovering Gameaholic Updating!

Howdy, stalkers! How's it going? Uhm, i ran out of things to write because we're spamming some irish dudes facebook status! So yeah :p

Ill just add the link to my facebook album from my latest trip to Spain instead. Have fun with the food pics, hah!


To Pieces..

One small week, ive been away on holidays, and within that week several things happened. We lost many of our recruits to the 25 man team Eden, our GM decided he wanted to focus on RL more than WoW, and several others decided enough was enough. So now things are falling apart pretty much. Some have been cancelling their subscription, some taking breaks, some will transfer and some will delete their characters.

What about me then? Which one of those boxes willi fit into? Who knows. Im giving up on Eden and have explained why, to the other RL's, and anything else than that is uncertain atm. All the other assisting RL's seem to join me in the desicion to let things go, so i dont think there's any hate at least.

In this writing moment, i dont know when my subscription will run out. I also dont know if i will let it continue or if i see it more fitting to just cancel it. Ive played this game for nearly five years, seen most things, done most things.. Been on top, been casual, rocked PvE content, been decent at PvP.. Seen most rare, hidden and "secret" places, collected shitloads of pets, and not too few mounts either. Ive made friends and enemies, laughed and cried. Things have been good, all in all, but it has also robbed me of something more important: the will to do something IRL.

Yeah, cus i planned my RL around WoW for quite a while. "Sorry i cant join you for dinner tonight, i have a raid" Thats not cool when you're a single, 25 year old girl. Also, WoW is inevitably making me lazy, and sitting in front of the computer all day long doesnt exactly help me get fit. Maybe ill start to actually work out more. I might have some secret thoughts about why, but that is irrelevant in the big picture!

Then what will i do when im alone in my flat at night, with a TV smaller than a shoebox? Maybe read more books again, or just wach something on the shoebox. Or a movie on the computer, or a TV-show.. Or hang out with my friend, or go have a beer with someone. Go on a date? ;)

We shall see, my friends! And with "my friends", i obviously aim at Jal, who i thinkis like my only reader atm!? :D Maybe ill have this blog be all IRL'ish again, but then ofc i have the other blog for that, hmm.. Maybe i should make an entirely new one? Im lazy, and setting up designs on this hillbilly blog platform takes its toll, im telling you.

Anyway, im done writing this nonsense now! Tomorrow im back from Spain, and then ill see whether or not im starting a new life, or continue to sit in Stormwind like an authistic kid, night after night after night after night after..


Spain, yeee!!

Cant update much now, as im in Spain for the time being! Im having a good but slack time, while it seems like my raid group is falling apart back home. Ack! Still, while im slacking in the sun with unlimited flow of sangria, beer, wine, more wine, booze and coke zero, i cant really manage to care. It all seems really far away right now. If it does fall to pieces, i think i might have to just quit WoW. I dont want to play without raiding, and there's no future for me in the guild anymore if this 25 man team wont work :(

Maybe we'll transfer as a group, maybe people will split up and transfer one by one. Maybe some will go back to 10 man, i have no clue. Back to 10 man isnt really tempting anymore. 25 man is epic, 10 man is casual, thats just how it is for people who's been playing this game for more than Wrath :p

Anyway, now what to write about? Hmm.. I can link a few pics, yes i can!!

Squid, squid, squid. Might be one of Davy Jones' offspring, not sure.

A visit to old Naxx, inside un-instanced Stratholme, woot?? A good trip it was!


Welcome to Norway!

This is totally how it is here. Totally!

Fish and potatoes, and itchy dresses, yo! ^^
So to prove some points here, ill place some photos to go with it!

National Day, 17th of May - check!

Loving hotdogs with all my heart - check!

Looking silly in dirty overalls, drinking too much, not doing homework, driving a red van - check!

Skiing (allthough not really a pro, cough..) - check!

Couldnt find any pics of me with the itchy dress though, cus its been too small for years, and i havent gotten around to actually get a tailor to fix it, but maybe next year!


Trying to Resurrect the Blog. Again!

Ok, im giving this yet another try. I do like blogging, i just never seem to have enough WoW stuff to blog about. And the whole idea about this blog was actually having WoW stuff in it. Then i realised i dont really want to only write about WoW, and i cba to maintain two blogs, so yeah, im opening this up to a bit of both. Lets see how successful that will be. One can never know!

So to begin with i can update you on where i am in-game atm. Currently im on what seems to be the worse server in the world, Terokkar EU! Despite the server being utter shit, i suprisingly like it here. The guild is nice, and we finally seem to get our new 25 man raid team rolling. Maybe i need to explain that, since most guilds are well, a guild with one raid team. This guild, however, has several raid teams, but it has mostly been 10 mans. Since a couple of the 10 man teams were struggling with getting enough people for a raid, we decided to merge and recruit, and Eden was born! Currently we are at 10/12, but hoping for Nefarian pretty soon. Tonight, in fact!

So this is the guild after we dinged level 25 as the first one on the server:

And this is one of the killshots we did recently:

Yeah i know, we totally suck at getting nice killshots..

Anyway, nice to be back, if i can call it that. And if i stay back, that is :p Maybe i even get some new readers. Probably gonna need it, because i doubt any of the old ones even remember this blog, thats how long its been dead :<


Same battlegroup = tweak to you win!

Well, someone had to cheer me up.. So we worked hard to get into the same group. Worked hard!!!



Fan-fucking-tastic. OH, language?! Sorry.

Those of you who have known me (in-game) for a while, know that i have been slightly obsessed with the mount from Stratholme. Also, you know that this obsession started early. Very early. Probably like 3 years ago or something, i cant remember. But during TBC at some point at least. I couldnt solo at first, so had to go there with a friend, and ofc this limited effective farm time. Luckily i had friends who actually bothered to waste some time on this, so we managed to kill the guy quite often in periods. Also, the more gear i got, the "easier" i could solo. Read easy as in "barely doable" and it took forever. Forever, i tell ye.

Also you got to remember that balance druid wasnt always as viable as they are today. Now, people wont question you as a boomkin, but back then, people almost took you for riding the loco-train if you had a balance spec. Especially in raids. Anyway, i mostly had the same helpful solo things that i have today (barkskin, tree, hots), and the trees could dish out somewhat okay damage, BUT there was one problem. The trees couldnt be controlled like they can today. So when they had nuked my target to bits, they would act all ber-bloodthirsty and go on a pulling (not killing) frenzy. Most of the times it ended up with them pulling 13 mobs, then dying, then leaving all mobs to me. Especially i loved the spiders that silences. Mmmm, chain silence + 10 melee mobs = recipe for disaster.

I tried and tried and tried. And died and died and died. God know how many times ive died in Stratholme for that stupid mount. And when i finally managed to kill the mini bosses and dodge trash, i struggled with the abominations before the slaughterhouse. And then i struggled like fuck with Baron Rivendare himself. Died a lot there, i did.

And as if that wasnt enough, when i got quicker on trash, the big abom boss used to bug out. As in never actually coming out. I could hear him yelling, but since the door failed to open, he wouldnt come out and i had to a) ticket and wait for a GM, or b) run out and reset. And do the awful trash again. Since GMs werent nearly extinct back then, i usually went with option a). And one time the GM even came into Strat, fooled around in furbolg costume and turned me into a gnome and a pirate and what not. And then he watched me fail horribly at Baron. But he was cool, so he ressed me and let me go again, wooo! No mount though, no mount..

Then, one day Blizzard decided to up the drop rate on this mount. "Great" i thought, "finally i have a better chance". Yeah right, rofl. I watched nearly all of my guildies run in and get it in like 1-5 kills. Like seriously FML. Seriously. That was so lame, you have no idea. And most of them were people who knew i was obsessed, and they like "lol drop rate went up, im gonna go own you now Lunaire". And they did. Even my GM said "1000g bet that i get it in the first run". 15 minutes later i was 1k gold richer. And much more pissed off.

Neutral. Friendly. Honored. Exalted. Drop rate upped. Quicker runs. More kills. More frustration. Giving up.

Until lately, i mostly sent bad karma that way, and didnt even bother to go in. I did Sethekk Halls and MgT (FU hawkstrider and blood elf item which ive also searched for since BC and never even seen drop). Still no luck there. But i was in a good mood and said to myself after 2 others got some mounts, or at least someone in guild got the hawkstrider "Im gonna go to Kara now, and i deserve a horse, so it will drop today". Well guess what, it didnt. But i still wasnt put down for some odd reason, so i thought "ok, Rivendare, one more me killing you dead".

And WHAT THE FUCKADOODLE?????? Finally, after more than 3 fucking years, its there. The item ive been wanting to see all along. The skeletal head icon. Which is named Deathcharger's Rains. Hell to the yeah, i did deserve this, and im the coolest person alive. Thank you very much, thank you.


Mutilate vs. Conclaive of Wind

Us killing CoW for the first time :)

Ok, fair enough, ive killed it with Distinct (my guild from Cata launch until recently, mainly consisting of old Lightbringer scrubs), but this time i still feel like it was more "real progress" or something like that, since i worked harder for it. No free kills!

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