For Your Eyes Only (an introduction)

The good thing about the english language is ofc that you can be both you and you. So you get it, right? Ehehe, thought so. I've decided to split up my original blog because i didnt feel like a mix of both IRL and WoW and both norwegian and english, all in the same blog, fitted very well. Long sentence was long. Anyway, that means that all the WoW related stuff will go here, and i'll try to keep the IRL buzz on a minimum. If people show a stalkerish interest in me and my IRL, it will please to here that i will try to make an effort to translate posts on IRL blog, so that they can have some english summary in the end of the post (unless i for some reason chose to write the whole thing in english). Which can happen from time to time.

Well. I can start with introducing myself, as that seems like a decent thing to do. Most people who read this post probably do know these things already, but what the heck.

Name: Lunaire
Realm: Twisting Nether
Faction: Horde
Race and class: Tauren Druid
Spec: Balance and Balance
Guild: Results May Vary (12/12 in 10-man and 11/12 in 25-man)
Activity Level: Raiding 2 days a week, hanging out doing other stuff the rest of the week
Been playing since: Fall 2006
Previous Realms: Lightbringer (with my original name Feronia), Dragonblight
Vanity Pets: 120 and still going for more! :D

Tata! Cya soon :)




20.mar.2010 kl.14:55

Grats on the new WoWblog! I will ofc read this every day :D


20.mar.2010 kl.16:41

Beca: \o/


20.mar.2010 kl.23:03

Horde FTW :D

Think there is a CSI Thunder Bluff (guild) on your realm too btw :(

Guildname ninjas :P


20.mar.2010 kl.23:12

No no no, you are getting it wrong both of you : ( Its not horde ftw but alliance /cry


21.mar.2010 kl.00:56

Lol I support you Beca! The Alliance <3

And nice blog :D


21.mar.2010 kl.03:32

PlainTom: Indeed ive seen some CSI Thunder Bluffs around town :p Dont know much about them tho, but noticed the name, as its a bit funny :p


21.mar.2010 kl.03:32

Elise: Even i support allies, i used to be one for over 2 years! ^^ And thanks :)

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