Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling

In the upcoming patch, the engineering pets Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling will no longer be bind on pickup. Great news for all the pet collectors out there, myself included. I already have mats ready in bags, but there is one minor issue. No one is an engineer these days! At least no one in guild. I do have a gnome with both schematics (i think), but problem lies right there. Gnome. Also on the wrong server. Ack!

Either way, im sure i will manage to find a way around this, because those pets will be mine! If you wonder what the mats are, in case you want one (or both) yourself, here is a quick walkthrough.

Lil' Smoky

Core of Earth is simple. Buy it on AH and you're good. The Gyrochronatom can be tricky to find at a decent price, if at all, so you might as well grab mats and have an engineer create it for you. For 1x Gyrochronatom, you need the following (just remember to doube it, as you need 2):

Then, if you have problems finding the Gold Power Cores at AH, you can have them crafted with one Gold Bar. This will give you 3x Gold Power Cores. You need 2.

Then its the Fused Wiring. Might also be hard to find, or be ridiculously expensive right after patch hits. The mats are simple, you need:

And to make one Delicate Copper Wire, you need:

You'll get some spare Fused Wirings, but just save it for the Pet Bombling. The spare Gold Power Core can be sold. Mithril Bars shouldnt be a problem, and if you cant find bars, just grab the same amount of ores and have a miner smelt them. The Truesilver Bar can be smelted from one Truesilver Ore, or transmuted from one Mithril Bar.

Pet Bombling

Lets start with the Big Iron Bomb. They are created in pairs, so you can sell off the one you dont need, naturally. The base mats for the bomb are these three components:

The three Iron Bars shouldnt be a problem. Buy them either as bars or ores. The Heavy Blasting Powder is created from Heavy Stone, and you need 3x of these:

Then its the Silver Contact. To get these, if you cant find them at AH, you need to get hold of a Silver Bar (or ore):

One Silver Bar will result in 5x Silver Contacts. Sell off the ones you dont need at a silly price.
Then we have a Heart of Fire. Buy it or farm it. I got mine cheap, so it shouldnt be a problem. You should still have Fused Wirings leftovers from earlier, use these or follow crafting guide above. The last you need is 6x Mithril Bars, which you buy or have made from ores.

You might want to grab mats early if you plan on having these made. I wouldnt be suprised to see prices fly in the air when the patch is released, or right before it, as people will see that they can make some gold on people wanting new pets. And hey, maybe you're that dude who decides to cleanse the AH of various items that will be needed? I hope this was useful, and good luck with your new pets! They are just adorable, arent they? :)




20.mar.2010 kl.14:54

I have got an engineer who will make one of each for me :) I dont have a collection like yours, but I do got a nice bunch :)


20.mar.2010 kl.16:40

Beca: Lucky!! Wish mine wasnt stuck on another server, and as the wrong faction :p


20.mar.2010 kl.23:01

Me like :D Didn't know about this actually so that's good news (got 92 pets).

Love the blog :) Only knew about Becablog earlier so now I haz 2 wow blogs to read YaY \o/

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