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Ive always wondered what others keep in their banks. I wonder if they keep their old gear to remince about good old days, or if they have some RP sets, or maybe some event items they pull out for fun now and then. Maybe people keep consumables and gems and such? Or just three or more different gear sets, one for each specc plus PvP? Am i weird with my bank shit? Well, i dont know. What i do know, is that i probably have the most useful useless item of all times, which is Light of Elune. Its from some lowbie quest i did ages ago. In Ashenvale, alliance side. Ive had it since level 20 or something, in other words, for like three years. And still havent used it! Never found that perfect moment, you know. I dream of one day popping this holy potion and solo the last HP of a boss while being the only one still alive. Ahh, epic moments!

But lets be honest here, guys. Its never gonna happen. Its gonna rot in my bank for all eternity! Together with my RP clothes for all occasions, my old TBC end-raiding gear, my Hallowed Wands and Mistletoe. I can dress up in so many weird clothes, fight with two fish, make snow with my staff or dance in a fire, but getting myself to use the Light of Elune, no way. Its like sacred now. Cant be touched!

What do you keep in your bank? Do you store memories or consumables?

Mostly memories for me at least :)




21.mar.2010 kl.13:41

I haz my epic bows, guns and weapons from I started playing in 2005 and up to today in my bank. Also one bag of mining stuffz and one bag of gems stuffz (This on my main).

On my main alt I've started collecting the tier 1 and 2 (gotta make my priest sexeh). And before I decided levelling it it was my card bank (that would be the card that makes all those decks). And yes I iz exalted with darkmoon faire.

The rest of my banks haz lots of seasonal stuffz in banks (I haz the 7 altz and also 2 alts on Beca's server).


28.mar.2010 kl.01:13

Still got my full t2 and t3 set from Vanilla, T6 and Glaives from TBC and just general random stuff i've collected over the years! I also has 2000 noggenfogger and some dresses!


28.mar.2010 kl.07:41

Kieran: "I also has 2000 noggenfogger and some dresses!" lolwut..

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