Hyacinth Macaw <3

This pet has been evading me for quite a while. Ive seen it on the Auction House from time to time, but i havent been willing to pay thousands of gold for it. Not that i couldnt affort a 10k buyout, but i just felt a bit greedy and didnt want to just throw out money for it. I like to farm my own stuff, but when the drop rate is 1 in 10'000, it has always felt a bit impossible. Ive tried, half-heartedly, to farm it before, but always got bored and quit after a hundred kills or so.

Today, i installed a new addon to help me keep track of how much time ive spent, and how many mobs ive killed, to reach my goal of obtaining this beauty. Its called Bunny Hunter, and can be found here (its from curse.com). It works the same way with all rare, farmable pets. So, eager to test out my new addon, and my patience, i headed down to Stranglethorn Vale to kill some pirates. Yarr! Since i did the Avast Ye, Admiral! achievement a while back, my reputation with the Steamwheedle Cartel had seen better days. Nice to get some rep while farming, i thought. Also i thought that this would be a good opportunity to passively raise my rep above friendly with all of them, especially Gadgetzan, since i miss those Noggenfogger elixirs so bad! I couldnt have been more wrong.

After 207 kills, something purple shows up in my combat log. Wait, what? Did i just loot a purple item. Epic quality something? Was it really..? OH MY GOOOOD, YES IT WAS!!!!!!! Being the geek that i am, and also being a sworn pet collector, i felt such extatic joy at that moment! My heart went into gallop, my cheeks whent red and my hands were shaking. Oh, what a wonderful moment of pleasure and happiness! I did it! I farmed the Hyacinth Macaw all by myself, and it felt grrrreat :D

Well knowing i was extremely lucky, i couldnt help thinking "damn, i wanted some more rep", and now i didnt have a reason to kill them anymore. But still i kept on, and ended after a bit more than 600 mobs killed, and all of the gobliners seeing me with respect now. None of them are stuck at unfriendly anymore, and i got a parrot, im happy!



21.mar.2010 kl.21:23

Grats!!! Now I want to try farm for it too. Will probably take me 5909087 kills though :)


21.mar.2010 kl.21:46

Beca: Haha! Thanks ^^ To put it in perspective, i farmed for the Baron mount 57957052 times, from like neutral through exalted and beyond, and still never saw it drop -.-


21.mar.2010 kl.21:57

xD lol, great :D Awsome pet to get on ur own :D I been trying half-hearted too xD lol

im gonna try that addon tho :D thanks


22.mar.2010 kl.01:28

I haz it too ... tho I paid 15000g for it :P cba grinding it (I iz exalted 52 factions already and haz seen enough grinding).


22.mar.2010 kl.06:39

PlainTom: Ouch 15k!! Im too greedy for that. I lack all the fancy mounts too, because i just want my gold to shine for eternity, instead of being used! Grats on 52 factions tho, but DO YOU get fresh air now and then? :D


22.mar.2010 kl.21:17

Air?? ... now there's a myth if I ever heard one.

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