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Since i did a lot of WoW posts on my first blog, i thought i could make a post here, pointing at some of the ones i was happy with. Sort of a highlights list, as the topic suggests. This saves me time rewriting it, and saves you time trolling the old blog for the rare diamond in the huge pile of dirt! I will look up what i think might be worth checking out, write a short descroption about it, and you can then chose which links you want to (or dare) click on ;)

Will start with the oldest posts, and continue til the most recent ones.

"Visitor from Lightbringer (WARNING: RP) :p"
- This post is, as the title states, an RP story i wrote when a friend of mine from Lightbringer came to visit me on Dragonblight, where i wanted to brag about my new drake, the OS3D (25), as Alliance first, server second. Im no RP master, by any means, but i find it fun to just write silly stuff in-character sometimes.

"Lunaire + Freyda = Win" and "Freyda in da House"
- These two are some ranting about the whole alt thing. I probably am the worst alt leveler this game has ever seen, and here i just talk about how i got to level 80 with my DK, and some blah blah around this and that.

"Sapped Girls Can't Say No"
- Im not sure what to comment on this. Its shady WoW softcore porn, to be honest..

"Mountain Trip"
- Even after Blizzard robbed us for the most fun thing in the whole game, wall climbing, you can still get to remote fun-places. Like this forgotten and hidden cave in the middle of the mountains in Stranglethorn Vale. Wrote a post with some pictures after the mountain hiking.

"Educational Gaming"
- Are the mammoths pre-historical elephants or not? Find out here!

- As the title suggests, this post contains some funny WoW quotes ive gathered through my gaming life.

- Luckies boss drop of all times? Or does anyone have any better? ;)

"WTB Sleep"
- Not really WoW related, but it shows how the days went by a while ago. Glad things have changed!

"Quotes - Lunaire"
- Im well known for saying so much stupid, that you wouldnt even believe it. The range of idiotic Lunaire quotes is wide, and here is the worst of the worst quotes from me. Ooor about me, there is a bit of both here :p

"The Most Random.."
- "..stain ive ever seen!" Yes, it was random, and yes it was the mother of all random stains!

Okay, i think this was it. Hope you like some of it at least! And since i love adding pictures, ill add one that has nothing to do with the post. I just add it because i want to! And because its pretty. Mmm, pretty. Cant remember when its taken, but from before i faction-changed to horde at least :)


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