The Lich King still alive. Despite 8 hours of hard work, this son of a motherless ogre has yet to hand out shiny epics. Since we only raid two days a week, there wont be another shot until next monday i believe, but then i hope he goes down! We saw a second transition phase tonight, which was good, but it only happened once, which was less good. But, even though he didnt die tonight, i got my last piece of T10, the headpiece. That means 4p set bonus, and i like it so far. Now all i need (note that "all" is relative..) is a new weapon. My Onyxia dagger is a bit outdated now, i feel, and the stats arent ideal for a moonkin. Want something with haste and crit, and some sockets wouldnt be entirely wrong either. We'll see within the next reset.

Dude, you should really pop your clogs soon, deal?




23.mar.2010 kl.11:35

Go Go ! If you manage to reach p3 (< 40%) in 25 men, you've done the hardest part (p2 and val'kyrs :-)), p3 is really easy and should take you no time to master.

And gz for the pet, lucky you :P


23.mar.2010 kl.20:26

Moose: Yeah, it seems to go better, but still people fuck up with defiles or die to various things, meaning val'kyr dps are too slow :( Thanks for pet, i love it! :D


24.mar.2010 kl.14:56

I hope we will kill him next week too. We sure have the dps for it, just need to not die in stupid ways :)

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