Patch 3.3.3?

I pugged ICC10 tonight, and at some point someone said that "its gonna be so messy tomorrow at the new vendor when everyone will want to trade in their Frozen Orbs". Immediately i thought "yay, patch day", as im really looking forward to both getting my new pets, mot more important, the Starfall changes! The exitement lasted until about now, when i thought of checking the login screen to see if the info was correct. It looked like this:

I could swear that every time a new patch were applied, the Breaking News section will specify this. Like "..schedueled maintenance to apply patch 3.x.x". Correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure it used to inform about this, no? Then again, MMO-Champion usually tend to have quite accurate information, and neither do they say something with 100% certainty if its not the case. And MMO states that the patch will in face be applied tomorrow. High hopes!

Copied from MMO:

Patch 3.3.3 on Live Servers This Week
Patch 3.3.3 will hit the live servers this week, it's time for the super-big recap of all the changes and additions from this patch.

Fingers crossed for new pets, better Starfall and glory to everyone in the new raid reset! Myself, im hoping for a spot in guild ICC10 HC tomorrow, that might be interesting! Good night everyone, and dont forget to force yourself to sleep for as long as possible tomorrow (if no work, obviously), so the wait time wont be too long before you can log in and harass Frozo the Renowned ;)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Turns out this Frozo dude is a gnome. I think its important that we all do our best to not step on his tiny toes where we go mad shopping. Gnome limbs are quite delicate (nom?), and i would believe he prefers to be able to walk home from work by his own help after his shift is ending tomorrow.

Wait, never mind, i was kidding. He is a gnome after all. Rob him, burn his robes and have him for supper. And i dont mean supper as in Frozo being invited to dine with us. Bwahahahaa!!!




24.mar.2010 kl.06:05

Lol, you crank me up:)


24.mar.2010 kl.14:54

Omg gnome :O

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