Patch Day!

Hooray, patch day is here! The day for maybe testing new DPS in ICC10 HC ICC10, and maybe harass a certain gnome a little. Then thursday, main raid, friday either raid or what the rest of the world tend to call "social life", saturday not sure, probably idling in-game. Then its sunday, maybe more raids, monday will be for sure, with being second official raid day. Lets kill LK, please! I want heroic Nibelung now!! >:-(

I got ahead my.. head? Or whatever that saying is. I was simply just stating that the patch is today, and im happy. Now i have to get ready for work, so until we meet again, i wish you a happy patch day! :D




24.mar.2010 kl.14:53

Just got home from work, and now its patvhing time, baby!

Nibelung from heroic seems good. Normal one is getting sharded every week, so fingers and claws crossed it drops just as often in HC mode ^^


24.mar.2010 kl.19:05

Beca: Yeah, think its only really good for boomkins, due to some scaling issues (or in my case: goodies). Have to test and see, but ofc ill take the normal too, if it drops anytime soon ^^

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