Storming the Citadel 10-man (heroic)

After killing The Lich King, you unlock hardmodes. Thing is, only one person in the raid needs the Kingslayer achievement to unlock for the whole group, so there's hope for everyone. I have yet to see Lich King dead, but since we have 10 people in the guild who has, we have a hardmode group working its way through the bosses all over again. Wednsday this week i was in the group, and i wanted to share some thoughts around the 4 first bosses, hardmode way.

Lord Marrowgar

In normal mode, this fight is fairly easy, though it can be messy at times. There's two ways to position the ranged and healers, and thats either spread out around him (behind him, or on his sides ofc), or you can all stack up right behind him, together with melee. To be honest, i dont know why people still use the first one, as the second option is far easier to handle. I hardmodes, stacking up is absolutely necessairy.

The thing with stacking up is to avoid the flames he cast, which in hardmode hurts a lot more, and stays on the ground for a longer time. They also reach out further than in normal mode i think. This might not be a huge issue in ground phases, but during bonestorm this is quite dire. More on that in a bit.

When you do the fight, you should (as ranged) have a simple macro keybinded for easy bonespike targeting. They have to be nuked down asap in hardmodes. So ground phase is simply stand on his ass and nuke him until bonespikes show up, then you nuke them fast, and swap back to boss.

Take notice of timers, and of your RL. About 5 seconds before he's going into bonestorm, everyone should spread out to avoid damage. The major difference between this phase in normal and heroic is that people also get spikes here. Ranged nuke them down, while being careful with avoiding fires, which there are a lot more of here than on normal. When spreading, its better to spread within reason than just spread all over the room. Spreading too much, with these amounts of fire can easily cut you off from healers, spikes and combat resses.

Rinse and repeat these two, and you should have a kill.

Lady Deathwhisper

In normal mode, we use the whole room in front of her when we deal with adds, and there is plenty of time to nuke adds down, rest and relax (meaning: dps boss) before new adds spawn. There isnt any mind controlling in 10 man, and things are fairly easy. This fight isnt that much different in heroic mode, mechanic wise, but there is a lot more going on at the same time, so you need to keep your sense and stay calm to deal with the different things happening at once.

The way we did it was to get behind boss and sort of divide into two groups near the wall on both sides behind her. The main differences are that adds keep spawning over and over again, and you have to have someone with a quick decursing finger to keep the curses off people. You also need to deal with MC even in 10 man. We all focused fire on the casters to bring them down asap, as our first priority. When the adds get reanimated, thats the second priority. Thing is, you really dont want them to transform, especially not the casters if you run with a caster heavy group (which we did). In addition to that you need someone to focus on the decursing, and it need to happen quick! Also the CC needs to be dealt with. You should assign people to this, so there is no misunderstandings and delays.

When you have destroyed her shield, you need to watch aggro! Dont nuke like an idiot, let tanks build up some more aggro, and then start your attacks. The tank pulls her down to the middle, or near stairs at the entrance, and we spread out while dps'ing. If you had an unlucky bubble break with with more than 1 or 2 adds up, you should nuke down adds before going on boss. Rest of the time, someone will offtank new adds while rest focus on boss. Beware of ghosts, they are nasty. Run away from them, dont stand nuking like an idiot thinking "just gonna finish my soulfire" or whatever. Dont forget to keep up CC'ing of the mind controlled people, and decurse if needed.

Gunship Battle

In normal mode, this fight is a joke. In herioc mode, this fight is still a joke. Only differences worth mentioning is that the rockets do more damage and knocks you back (and off the ship if you're unlucky), but any retard should be fully capable of avoiding rockets anyway. If you dont manage that, you have no buisness in ICC HC! The other thing is that we all jumped when the freeze hit, even the dudes in the cannons. Simple as that. Jump, nuke, jump back, avoid rockets, be bored for ages while the fight goes on, and eventually open chest and hope for nice shinies.

Deathbringer Saurfang

Bring dps and brains. And heroism/bloodlust. And something or someone that slows! The fight mechanics are the same in normal and heroic, but the biggest difference are the bloodbeasts. These are mean on heroic, and they also run a lot faster. In addition to that, when the first one dies, the second one enters nerdrage state and really wants to kill his target really quick. Do not let them reach players (hello oneshot). We havent managed to get him down yet, but going again tonight. The way we handled adds were with a shaman to slow them first, then while all ranged focus on one of them, i was rooting the other one. When first one died, the rooted enrages and will head for me with a sick urge of molesting me and feed on my guts. I dont want that happening, so i chain root him until he gets fairly close, and then i use Typhoon (unglyphed for this fight) to knock him back and slow him. That buys us enough time to kill him before he reaches anyone.

But, even with adds handled correctly, other things can go wrong. Like marked people dying. We're still working on this issue, and i cant really write much about the healing challenges on this fight, as i only do dps.

Now keep in mind that this is just an easy explanation from a ranged point of view, and if you're going there you might want to check out some proper strategies, but i think this should cover some of it, and if you are like me, some strategy places just feels like a pain to read through. For an easy comparisment, check out this from MMO-Champion. Hope it was somehow useful, and good luck!




29.mar.2010 kl.12:34

Bring the holy paladin for Saurfang, not the player =/

(this is an ironic angry misquote of an old blue post, will you be able to find which one...)


29.mar.2010 kl.16:25

Moose: Hehe yeah, it sounds "familiar" indeed :p And we do go with a holy paladin in any case!

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