The Wonders of Noggenfogger and Wall Climbing

There used to be a time when everything in-game was a lot more fun, and you could explore (and exploit) all sorts of things with the wonderful wall climbing, or wall jumping. Now i cant remember in which patch they fixed this, but if i remember correctly it was in one of the later (?) patches of TBC. Being an ex-Ironforge girl, ive had a lot of fun sitting on the roof of the building just to the right of the bank, but ive also climber higher "mountains" for a challenge and for the fun of it. At first, wall jumping was really hard, but when you learned the technique, it wasnt that bad. And it opened up for a whole lot of fun! I like to explore hidden places, and of what i can remember, these are the ones ive seen during my years playing WoW:

Gnome Airport

In the mountains near Ironforge, there is a gnomish airport with airplanes and other fun things. Its not that hard to get there, and i think its still possible, as there is only one jump you need to do, and while it takes shitloads of patience, it doesnt require wall climbing as im aware of.
From the airport you can get to:

Wetlands Farmlands

Ok, its probably not called that, but i dont know the name of the place. If you are alliance, you have probably been flying over it on your trips across Azeroth, and it lies on the very edge of Wetlands, on the border of Dun Morogh sort of. Its easy to get there from the airport, but you might want slowfall, bubbles, soulstone or other things to help you not die and getting forced to release. On the way there, you also pass a cute mommy bear with her two cubs, wandering the snowy mountains. The farmplace has several houses and harvest fields, and if you go to a certain point, you get to the "end of the world" and can fall for like half an hour if you find those kind of things fun. Couldnt find pics of the actual farm, so only bear mom and cubs + falling through the world for you here :p

Under Stormwind

Getting below Stormwind isnt hard at all, but ofc it gets a lot trickier if you are a horde, as you probably will be killed before you get into the glitching place. When you are down there, its not much to see, but you can reach some cool areas where you can look into town, just not get there. You can also, iirc, get out to the waters in front of the town, and exit from there.

Old Ironforge

This is one of my favourites, and i think its a really cool place to see! Im not sure if this works anymore, since they removed the "bug" that let you start duels inside IF. You know, you could go behind the pillar at bank, and start a duel from there, but there was also another place you could do it, and from this place you had time to run over to a little secret spot where the opponent (mage or lock, for example) could polymorph you or fear you through the wall and into Old Ironforge. Ive tried to find my old screenshots from this place, but couldnt for all in the world locate them, as i have 7402572052 screenies in 4682 folders.

Dancing Troll Village

Again, as an ally, you fly over this place, which is located between Darkshore and Moonglade (again, i think this is the spot, but cant remember 100%). It takes some patience to get there, and you need some slow fall or similar again. Noggenfogger is your friend. Paladins and druids can do without, and locks can ofc soulstone themselves. When you get down there, its a small troll village consisting of neutral trolls who just dance and have a party, and you can see they have decorations and all to create the right scene. Quite the fun place to see.

Ontop of Stormwind Cathedral

This (on the left) is probably one of the nicest screenies i have, and i stayed up there forever. The view was great, and since it took me quite a while to maste the long wall climb, i felt quite satisfied when i got up there. Not available anymore, since the whole jumping walls got removed, sadly.

Ontop of Ironforge Battlemaster Gates

Long climb takes patience, but it felt wicked to finally get up there and look down on all the small people down there. Nothing to see or do, except look cool on top of everyone else.

Orgrimmar Gates

You used to be able to get ontop of the main gates of Orgrimmar, and this is one of the hardest places i went to. Took ages, and lots of patience. But man, it was cool! This one is also not possible to do anymore, due to Blizzard being lame with the wall bugs.

Razorfen Kraul (and under Orgrimmar)

There is a glitch that let you get below Orgrimmar, and from there you can reach a little RFK glitch. Used to go here as an ally, and it was always so much fun! The thing is that there's a room behind the portal entrance to RFK where you can be seen from the outside, but naturally people cant reach you, as when they try, they end up in the instance. Warlocks and hunters can send in their pets to attack you, but thats the only thing. To get out of there, you can either HS (if you're ally) or simply walk out of the portal and en up in normal Orgrimmar. This one is still possible to do, and its not mega hard. I took a dude there last night to show him actually, so this one is confirmed to work in 3.3.3 at least, by me.

Hidden cave in Stranglethorn Vale

When you look at the map of STV, there are a large bunch of mountains, and in the middle of these, there is a cave and some wicked scenery to be seen. Its not hard to get there, and its still possible after wall jumping was removed. You see some tearing of the world here and there, and unfinished walls and edges, but also lots of nice details that they have put in. Since you're not really exploiting anything, and you gain no benefits from going here, it might just be one of many cool places Blizzard have added for you to see!


You used to be able to enter Karazhan before it hit, and could see smileys on the floor. I, however, didnt reach that one in time before Kara was actually released. But, you can also enter the catacombes or whatever it is, below Karazhan and the houses there, to see some cool things. Not sure if this is removed or not, but you could see some dead mans graveyard thingie, with lots of hung men floating/hanging there.

There are also other awesome places to see if you like to come across something that feels hidden or a little secret. Blizzard have added lots of small details around the world that is waiting for you to explore! It can forgotten shrines or remotes places that have a small easter egg lying on the ground behind a tree. You can see weird statues, small notes and other things that just feels somehow special. Like the old entrance to Mount Hyjal, where you can see how its locked and closed so no one can enter, or a petrified guy in the middle of nowhere in Aszhara. Broken weapons of old and forgotten heroes, graves and other things can also be seen around the world.

Part of the fun thing here is that these places arent all easy to get to since you cant use flying mounts in the old world. How flying mounts in Cataclysm will have an impact on this, im not sure. One thing that is sure, is that im really happy to have seen so much stuff before it got removed, or the way of getting there was taken away. There was always fun things to see or do when you got tired of sitting in Ironforge or Orgrimmar, and i hope that will remain, so that dailies and farming isnt the only things left to do outside raids and leveling alts!

Random pics to finish off with:




26.mar.2010 kl.21:05

Nice pics. I've seen some of the places myseelf, but never been there :P Maybe a fine way to spend the evening :P hehe


28.mar.2010 kl.01:10

Screenshot on top of Stormwind Cathedral is win, best screenshot I have is on top of the mountains in Feralas, most stunning surroundings in the entire game!

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