The Return of the Tree!

Once upon a time, i went resto. Was back in Karazhan and Gruul's Lair, and it was only briefly. Like a quick summer flirt, it was, and like all summer flirts, it ended quickly too. I thought about it now and then, wondering what it would be like to heal again, but again like the summer flirt, you can think about it at times, but it wont bring those days back.

Luckily, here comes the part thats not flirty. I can bring the tree back. And in fact i just did. For the first time in what feels like forever, i took away one of my balance specs and dived into the restoration tree! I dont really have gear for it, as all my gear, gems and enchants are optimized for turkey lazor pew pew, but i wanted to give it a shot. I read this guide, chosed this spec (as im low on haste), and glyphed on advice from my favourite tree: Numen-Phee <3 It even rhymed, not bad.

Well, i wanted to see if i could manage to heal something simple like a heroic, so i signed up for the daily one, and waited patiently. Queue went quicker as healer it seems. I didnt have useful trinkets, no resto idol, and only a faint memory of what to do and how to do it. And also, back when i healed, there wasnt all these fancy new spells, so its like "hai new button, what happens when i press you?". Phee told me a littlebit about this and that, and somehow i felt confident enough to eh, try.

First issue: Mana. Where did my mana go? Like seriously? Had to drink 2 times, and use innervate as soon as it was off cooldown.
Second issue: We got Forge of Souls. Even as dps i feel clueless in there. That wannabe mini-Essence of Souls always had me wonder what the hell this was all about. Group said "as a healer you just heal". Ok, i can do that.
Third isse: I forget to heal myself all the time, and only notice my health is dangerously low when i hear a ding sound to remind me its time to care for myself. I lost a rogue once, but that was because tank pulled while i was drinking, and i didnt get there in time. And then i died once myself too, as i got feared on first boss, lost my head and walked into nasty spinning shit on my way back. Good job, Lunaire the Immortal.

All in all, i managed to heal my way through the instance, and im satisfied so far. But sure need to practice and gather some other gear pieces. And an idol and some trinkets! Wish me luck!




29.mar.2010 kl.18:03

Aww how cute! You are a little twig now :P

Ok first off lets sort out the mana problem! I can save you a fortune in mane with 25 badges! you simply take off that 245 idol and swap it for the "duck" one! you will save 100 mana per rejuv. Its simply p[riceless and i STILL carry it in my bag just incase its looking like im gonna have mana problems!

Secondly you have revitalise which is really great! Keep a rej on you at all times if you can and target yourself for WG too where possible. It really can help you out with a few hundred mana!

Get a new headpiece. I STRONGLY recoment the Badge 245 with haste! It s has a lot of regen on it. Is perfectly stated for resto ANd then Gem the Insightful Meta! FROm memory that meta is giving between 60-90 mp5 over a decent stretch!

I could go on and on but my last word will be on Innervate.

In TBC and early WOTLK i almost felt dirty to have to use innervate on myself. however now i use it ALL the time! Pre nerf you would click it close to OOM. Now howwever the optimal time is around 60% mana. This will keep you topped off and also bring it back off Cd before the end of the fight hopefully!

I use Power auras to tell me when its off CD and im at or below 60%. I stole it from EJ and its the best bit of code ive ever added to my tree!

Glyph innervate also at first. Drop WG. You dont need it for 5 mans and even in 10 its a small increase ansd you gotta be skilled to use it optimally.

Oh god i said i wouldnt say much but you "could also swap a point around in your build.

You have 3/3 sublety. I do not think this is needed. Only recently do i pull healer agro and ive ALWAYS only had 2/3. At your level agro will really not be a problem. You can BS and root 3 times now to save your neck!

My recomendation would be to spend that point in Tranquil Spirit. Its only a small reduction in the cost of Nourish but right now you need to save all the mana you possibly can!

nice blogg btw. Too many fluffy toys for me tho :P


30.mar.2010 kl.06:57

moomoo: Ohh! Thanks for the comment! I sure could use some guidance to this whole resto thing, and while i farm badges i can be happy that i learn little by little only from healing the heroics as well. And the queues are much shorter as a healer, yay! Or is that some change that came with patch? I dont know, used to have 10 minutes wait at least, and now its down to 2-3 minutes :)

Been a busy two days, but when i finally have the time to log in and actually do stuff in-game, i need to get working on this!

And thanks for liking the blog, despite the fluffiness, hehe ;)


30.mar.2010 kl.18:58

Again, wish I knew more about drooods. All I know is I like their heals :D


31.mar.2010 kl.19:12

Beca: Yeah, me too! Honestly dont know much about resto, and NOTHING about ferals. But Moomoo does, thank god ;)

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