So many idiots in this game, it pisses me off! Been trying to get the Reign of the Dead for ages now, but either it never drops, or some nubcake wins it if it does, or the pug fail before Anub'arak is dead. Would prefer the heroic version, but thats never gonna happen. Guild doesnt want to go, and pugging that without the achievement is impossible. So, this pug i was in just now started out well, we had some half shitty healers, but dps was really good, and people were decently geared. We nearly wiped on Twin Val'kyrs due to people not managing to switch auras in time, but they died with 6-7 people left alive.

But, before we got there, we lost people on every boss. Some went emo because they didnt win a roll, some nerdraged because someone else was a mongo, some just left after they didnt get the loot dropping off the boss they wanted, and some left when we wiped on Anub'arak. And we wiped horribly there. Horribly! Ive never seen such a bad attempt before in my life! Really sucks when the item you need drops from last boss, especially when the pug disbands in pure fail just because people are morons. Sigh irl. Not happy with that!

Guess ill go again next reset to test my luck, until then, im locked in a total waste of time raid that earned me nothing but a few badges. Great. Sad moonkin is sad. Gief hugs :(

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28.mar.2010 kl.07:59


I haz seen that thingie drop quite a few times in the gdkp runs arranged by the best guild on our server but it usually go for 20-30k g. I myself bought death choice for 22k g :P

I love gdkp runs cause I farm my own money and people cry when they see me join knowing that if they want an item where they share interest with me :P As one of my guildies says; Silver, making goldfarmers cry since vanilla ^.^ I was born a farmer and it pays off :D

I'm a non hardcore raider with a gearscore of nearly 6k :P Gold = gear... which basically is the reason I gave up hard core raiding in the first place. Blizzard FTW !


28.mar.2010 kl.08:00

Noticed I did half a sentence up there... guess it's gettin late... or early (depends on how you look at it :P). Anyways, good luck on thy thrinklet :)


28.mar.2010 kl.18:34

PlainTom: Haha, now thats more gs than i have! But then again, i dont raid hardcore either :p Went in a gdkp toc25 once, but it happens very rarely, and im a greedy bastard when it comes to my in-game gold! But ofc, if an item is something i really want, i might soften up a bit :D


29.mar.2010 kl.09:18

Btw I can haz sweared I partied with you in a HC once :P We iz on same battleserver :P Stopped doing HCs now tho (but i might start going on Eagle, my mage, when it dingz 80).


29.mar.2010 kl.12:43

cute pic is cute :P

gsdkp runs are the win, but you need to make a few w/o spending anything to be able to buy the trinket I guess.

I've never understood how ppl could fail on AA25 (non HM), it's like the easiest boss of the instance...


29.mar.2010 kl.16:24

PlainTom: Ooo, maybe? Whats the name and class/spec? I dont do much heroics, but lately im trying to do some as resto, to get some experience. And i need to get Sunreavers to exalted for the last available pet ;) And since pigs will fly before i do the Argent Tournament dailies, i need to farm a bit..


29.mar.2010 kl.16:25

Moose: When people are slightly retarded, anything is possible! :D


30.mar.2010 kl.18:55

I lol'd. :D I did 25 Toc normal with my hunters alt the other night. 1/3 of the raid was drunk, 1/3 were afk smoking weed (yes! seriously), and the rest were either ragenerding, leaving or...and Im one of those, laughing at the absurde situation.

We didnt get any bosses down, and after 3 hours !) we reformed a 10 man with the few brave ones left and cleared it in 45 minutes. Result? A neck, a token and several whispers from people inviting me to join their guild. A strange night indeed.


31.mar.2010 kl.05:46

My main is Silverhawk (Vashj). MM Hunter :) Stopped doing heroics on that one :P

My mage dinged 80 yesterday, Arcane noob mage, Eagle (Vashj). Guild CSI Thunder Bluff on all my characters... Be aware of the impostor wanna be guilds on other servers :P Also look out for Deathhawk and Spurv (which are my DK and priest).

CSI Thunder Bluff @ Vashj formed January 1st 2007 !


31.mar.2010 kl.19:09

PlainTom: Ahh, right! Maybe the CSI's on this server was started by someone who came from Vashj? No idea, but ofc lots of guilds have the same names :)


31.mar.2010 kl.19:15

Beca: Haha, sounds like an epic raid! I once did Karazhan (back when it was on farm, but not totally forgotten), and everyone was drunk, pretty much. And we were all on vent. Nearly wiped on trash because someone pulled a really, really hilarious (at that time) joke that was some WoW-twist of a normal one, and people laughed so much that no one could focus for 5 minutes :D Who says you cant have fun with a game? Oh, i know who says: boring people!! Good thing you managed to get that 10 man rolling tho, and some items raining down on you as well ;)

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