Plushies, Here We GOOO!

Some days ago, i dropped by the Blizzard Store to get me some new pets. I like pets. I collect all that i can get, and i have to say im proud of my collection. So, of course i needed these two! Only problem was that the horde one was SOLD OUT in the EU store. Crap, crappety crap! Then i see its still in stock in the US stores, and i send a QQ mail to Blizzard begging for some love. Didnt reach through there, but it didnt matter as it was back in stack last night!

Now all i can do is wait! 2x plush pets are on their way through mail, and with them 2x cards for in-game pets. Woo, lovely <3

Which one do you like the most? Apparently the horde one is cutest in-game, while the alliance one seems a little depressed. Yes, depressed, not depressing. Anyway, will of course update when i get them! :D Have a nice day all, its time to head for work now, toodles.



29.mar.2010 kl.09:16

Horde one is teh most adorable :) Me wantz !


29.mar.2010 kl.14:20

Horde var kulest OG stest, og jeg spiller Alliance >.<


29.mar.2010 kl.16:26

Elin: Det er jo lov synes uansett ;) Og selv om jeg er Horde, s er jeg Alliance by heart :-(


29.mar.2010 kl.19:05

Horde was sooo cute! Love the little teeth!


30.mar.2010 kl.14:44

Beca: UPS was just at my door, delivering these pretties. And OH MY GOD, are they cute or what??? :D

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