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Since its easter, the updates might be a bit slow during the holidays. Not that im going to a big fat greek party or anything (like half of the guild), but im just feeling lazy the few days i have off work. That would be tomorrow and saturday, so nothing to write home about, but still!

Got my plushies delivered on my door yesterday, and they are adorable IRL. Also, the Horde one is really cute in-game, while the Alliance one seems a bit depressed. Yes, depressed, not depressing, as stated earlier!

And this is me, being all happy-cat after getting them!

But seriously, i make myself sound more and more wack by the hour. I really need to not present myself as Lunaire, Crazy Cat Woman. So the next post will be all pet-free, how about that? Nor will it contain anything on Lady Gaga. Hah, someone was relieved now. On both notes!

Can mention that MMO reports that the Icecrown buff now has increased to 10%, but people most likely have noticed themselves. Still no update on us vs. Lich King, as in he's not dead yet. But we reached 27% some tries, and if it wasnt for the raid hours already being extended so we really had to quit, i think we would've had him! I have hopes for next tuesday :D

Take care everyone, and have a happy easter!




31.mar.2010 kl.20:52

Awww cute cuddle toys :D

Happy easter :)


02.apr.2010 kl.12:29

lol @ Gaga.


02.apr.2010 kl.18:02

moomoo: Mean cow.


03.apr.2010 kl.22:02


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