Matchmaking - someone to pwn noobs with

You have just got home from work, and after kicking off your shoes you do the mandatory bio-break, fill up your bottle with tap water (or get one from the fridge), stuff some easy food into your pie hole, all in 5 minutes. Then you are ready. Ready to move on to the best part of the day: playing World of Warcraft.

You log in quickly, and show no signs of patience while you tap your feet during the entire loading screen wait time. And then, you're in! A quick hello to guildies before you queue for the daily heroic. Need them emblems for shiny stuff. When that's done, you queue for battlegrounds. Time to pwn some noobs!

But suddenly you feel alone. Maybe you get ganked because no one healed you. Or you healed yourself for 10 minutes but never managed to even give the enemy a tiny slap on the cheeks because you are resto druid. Or you kill several enemies in a row, but no one is there to cheer and give you a gentle kiss on the cheek. No one to share your favourite hobby with.

Ack, sad thing indeed. Such sad, sad thing. All of us single gamers out there, we hunger for someone to share our love, body and game with. True story. How nice wouldnt it be if you could talk to your loved one on vent, laugh at eachothers drunk dancing on the tables in the Dalaran inn, play hide and seek in Orgrimmar and pwn some noobs.

If you want all this coming your way, you're lucky! Blizzard announced today that they have started Matchmaking. An exellent idea! Whether you just want the perfect Arena partner, or you want to find the love of your life (next to WoW, i mean), Matchmaking will take you there!

No more late nights filled with frustrations over trade spam alone. Now you can share the gossip with someone else. Did you just see the Dirge spam dear? Yeah, its like totally so last year. Cant believe it. Lets leave the city darling, ive heard that.. WHAT? SERVER DOWN!!! Oh well, it sucks if you are alone, but now at least we have eachother. Lets equip our IRL T10 gear than granny spent weeks making, and do some RP in the bedro.. er, yeah. Fun times!

Of the other fun stuff worth to mention, check the following pictures out. Blizzard always delivers, i'd say. My personal favourites were the Matchmaking and the changes to Armory. Im a ninjaaaah, rawr!

Did someone manage to fool you this year? No one got me so far, but no one really tried either. Myself, i couldnt come up with anything to fool anyone with, so not much fun this year. Good thing i had Blizzard! And also, ill round it all up with something non-WoW related. Almost at least. It was linked in guild chat, so i'll say thats good enough. Enjoy!



02.apr.2010 kl.07:46

I didn't get anyone sadly, but when I WAS trying to have a serious discussion with someone they kept going "NICE TRY WITH YOUR APRIL FOOLS!" and i'm stood there like wut? Nonononono is serious business like Fero's pet collection! Oh and Happy Easter Fero, you're more than free to share my love and body and to game with me, although Rogue tier 10 is awful so we might have to think of something else there.


02.apr.2010 kl.12:30

Kieran: Hahaha!! No rogue T10 then! But as always, im sure we can come to an arrangement ;) And my pet collection is srs biz m8. 126. Large number, boosts epeen etc. Tru storiiii! :D Lets share love and body fluids on a later occasion. You're welcome in my tent @ Glastonbury, np!!


02.apr.2010 kl.18:01

Kieran: The first answer was so bad.. I wonder if i was drunk, except i wrote it from work, heh :<

Im more decent than that, if people started to actually wonder, lol ^^

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