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Seems like Blizzard added something more to the whole Shadowmourne thing. From what MMO-Champion reports, i think this might be pretty cool! When you kill The Lich King with anyone in the raid wearing Shadowmourne, you will get an extra item off the boss Unsealed Chest. This item, you take to Highlord Darion Mograine (inside Icecrown Citadel), and then you will receive one of 5 different items you then take to its respective owners to claim your reward. The list of items you can get are:

  • Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger - A mount that looks like the Death Knight's class mount.
  • Muradin's Favor - A 10-minute Frost Dwarf transformation.
  • Jaina's Locket - A portal to Dalaran on a 1-hour cooldown.
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer - A tabard with a very shiny on-use effect.
  • Sylvanas' Music Box - A music box that plays Lament of the Highborne.

This sounds pretty cool, in my opinion! Wonder how this loot will be distributed though. The items listed above is BoE, while the Unsealed Chest is BoP. Will there be DKP, rolling, raid rolling, officer prio, prio for players with Shadowmourne? And when you get one item, can you get the chest again, etc, etc. Much to think about! I would like all the items, get Lich King on 10 man farm already :p But of course, if we got him on farm, we would be doing hardmodes, and then its not so farmable after all. Exiting news it is, nonetheless!

Here's some pictures, click them to open the full-sized version in a new window.

Well, what do you think? The tabard and the mount are my personal favourites so far. The Highbornes also seems pretty cool, and the Dalaran teleport will of course always be handy! And the dwarf? Well, not too indifferent from the Iron Boot version, but of course still cool. Would be pissed if that was my first drop though :D

Wowhead isnt updated with these items, thus no tooltips. For all items and more info, visit the source.



05.apr.2010 kl.20:31

So you gotta have the legendary Shadowmourne right ? Not just the epic version of the axe ?

Hmmm gonna take some time :P


05.apr.2010 kl.20:49

PlainTom: I was wondering about that myself. Quote from MMO says:

"Fun fact, even the mount isn't bound on pickup. Time to buy all the Primordial Saronite at the AH."

I read this as it MIGHT be that only the first version is needed, as it takes way more than 25 saronites to get the legendary. Guess we'll have to wait for someone to confirm it 100% though.


06.apr.2010 kl.23:52

Hello im from norway to and wander about what server u play on i have my charr on frostmane and my name is dixalao:D


07.apr.2010 kl.00:13

Dixalao: Hi there fellow prisoner of the north! Im playing on Twisting Nether :)

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