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Finally, the day came. The day i was waiting for! The day The Lich King trembled with fear, jumped in the air... and popped his clogs! Of course this wasnt only Lunaire vs. The Lich King, but the name was shorter than Results May Vary, and so it ended up like this. After not having enough people for 25-man, someone announced he had an ICC10 save with only Lich King up, and we thought "hey, nice time saver, lets kill him".

First try went alright, we went to 30-something percent, and all was good. We lost one guy to Val'kyrs, and then several more to er, something else. I was inside at that moment, so didnt see what caused us the wipe. But one thing is for sure, our resto druid Moomoojuju actually did that try in his Chef's Hat, so lets all just blame him?!

Second try we were filled with hope, and it turned out that all good things are not three, but two! I died before the end (boo), and then someone else died as well, around 20'ish percent i think. But we did it! I even got lucky with drops. And if that wasnt enough, i got lucky with my 79 roll as well! Or was it 74? Now i cant remember, but i liked it!

I was really pleased with the kill, thats what i came for, but getting a new dagger made the day even better. Thel'thas, Dagger of the Blood King, hello there darling. I promise to take good care of you, and since i dont often stab people, you will shine for a long while. A true relationship based on love and affection right there.

Well, this post of brag will hereby come to an end. Thank you for reading and supporting Lunaire on her way to the stars! May Elune watch over you, and the epix rain down on you in the next raid.

We have reached 10%, and he nukes everyone to hell.

But then he has to capitulate after we get some help from our shiny friend. Note who got the killing blow!

Some posing are mandatory. Never was good at getting the perfect kill-screenie though :<

And all hail the new Lich King!




07.apr.2010 kl.00:21

Oooh BIG grats!!!!! :D


07.apr.2010 kl.00:22

Beca: Thanks \o/ Im almost a bit disappointed it only took us 2 tries, i even got a 1.5l of Cola Zero out just to be prepared, and i had time for one glass only! But then again, some of the guildies had done it, and god knows we've been practicing enough in 25-man, lol..

TheHibi - Mostly design

07.apr.2010 kl.08:26

Sv: Det har jeg aldri tenkt p fr, men en god guide! :) Hvis du ikke har noe i mot det, vil jeg veldig gjerne legge ut en slik guide, og selvflgelig linke til deg? Vil bare opplyse om at hmtl-koder fra malene som skrives i kommentarfeltet, ikke vises ette du har trykket godkjenn kommentar - det blir bare tomt der koden skulle vrt ;)


07.apr.2010 kl.11:32

TheHibi: Ahh, ikke noe sttte? Det gr bra, siden min mtte godkjennes i alle tilfeller, s da fikk du det vel med deg uansett :) Legg det gjerne ut, var vel mer eller mindre tilfeldig at jeg kom over det i frste omgang, leste meg igjennom absolutt alle malene siden jeg mtte oversette min blogg til engelsk manuelt uansett, og da finner man jo litt diverse :p


07.apr.2010 kl.18:17

hvilken chat addon bruker du? :)


07.apr.2010 kl.20:29

Elin: Bruker Prat + Hitsmode som erstatning for den originale combat-loggen :)


07.apr.2010 kl.23:27

Takk :)

09.apr.2010 kl.04:36

Only cool Druids raid in Chefs hats!


09.apr.2010 kl.13:49

Congratulations !

Time to finish the job in 25 men now, and to start hard modes :P

We're on LK HM in 10 men but actually never tried, too busy to complete drakes achievements ^^ And still Putricide HM to do in 25, we got Sindragosa last week which is easily in top3 of encounters I hate the most now ...

Any news of Lunaire the tree btw ? ^^


09.apr.2010 kl.16:35

Moose: Argh i want progress too :p But too lazy to raid that much! Easter's been proper slack, and well, everything is slack tbh! We've done some hardmodes in 10 man, but with the time available, it just doesnt go that quick with us. Going for LK25 on sunday for a couple of hours, and then monday, so hopefully we can kill him this reset! \o/


09.apr.2010 kl.16:36

Moose: And no news on the tree yet, hehe ;)


29.apr.2010 kl.16:59

I'm in a strict 10 man guild, and we have been at 11/12 bosses for quite some while, and it's killing us! He simply just don't want to die >:(

Get jealous when I read this lol, I want a dagger from LK too<3 Except mine wouldn't have intellect or spellpower on it of course (yuck)


29.apr.2010 kl.18:25

Elise: Ow, that sucks :s In which phase are you losing it, and what happens? If you already managed the other 11, you should have a good shot at LK as well, especially with the buff now being at 15% :)


29.apr.2010 kl.19:04

Yeah :D We mostly fail at the Val'kyrs, but last week we were doing great and worked wonderfully together and was almost past that phase when "Oh crap guys, I have to go to work, my boss just called". And theeeen another raid had to be called early. So yeah, think the reason we haven't downed him yet is because of that happening EVERY raid lately, making my guild leader so angry she was about to /gdisband :D Or people don't show up to raids, or our best geared players take a break for a while because of exams and stuff. But this week we are gonna try real hard, and make it (duh). Just can't wait to start hard modes >:D And yeah, can imagine the buff helping a bit too ^^

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