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Beca is doing a little mashup on addons lately, and today she wrote about bag addons. Since im the worlds biggest fan of ArkInventory (and dislike OneBag), i had to make a counter post. This is the Bag Battle, rawr!

OneBag creates, suprisingly enough, one bag for all of your items. And then they just float around there like jellyfish in the open ocean. Items get a border that points at their rarity, and you can search for items in the sea of jellyfish. I tried this and nearly got an epileptic seizure immediately. So much mess! Im a woman of order, so this didnt fit me at all. Another friend of mine pointed out that you could search items, so you didnt need to organize them, but hello, i cant remember the names on every item i have! If you do remember, this addon is sufficient though. Also, she lists OneBank and BankItems to go with this addon, for the whole bag package.

But here's the thing from my point of view. Why go with 3 different addons when you only need one? And why go with jellyfish when you can go with such order that even Bree Van De Kamp would envy? For me, the answer is simple. Go for ArkInventory, the addon of your dreams. It will not only round things up in one bag, but you can sort all items the way you like it. Never found that annoying quest item you needed for something? Fear not! ArkInventory is here to help!

It works like this. When you first install the addon, it clogs everything up in one bag. Then you need to take on the job that it is to sort everything out before you have a shiny bag with strict order. Remember, for gods sake, to set a profile before you start. Doing the settings all over again is very uncool. However, these settings can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so if you want to try this addon out, but feel lost in the settings, do not hesitate to ask me for tips and tricks. Im happy to help!

Here's two pictures for you. One is my bag, and the other is my bank. Click the images to see the full resolution version for a better overview.

So, as you can see, my bank has different chunks of items within the main bag. Lets call these piles of items bags too. Like a pennypouch in your purse. Then you can see i have small bags for everything. One bag contains only quest related items, one contains flasks, one contains trash for easy selling access, one for food, one for gear, and so on. Most of these categories are default within the addon. Now if you look at my bank, you can see other bags with more spesific setups. I have one bag for my pirate gear, for the days i easily want to grab those few pirates and go Arrrrr! And then i got a bag for tabards, one for my old end-game TBC gear, one for pretty dresses, several for other RP gear pices, and so on. This gives me a nice overview, and i never spend much time looking for an item. If i dont remember the name, i will at least remember what kind of item it is. Was it a fun trinket i wanted? Maybe the gnome trinket from Zul'Aman? No problem, i find it in my "Funny Trinkets" bag!

Also i can see where i have items lying around, On the bag picture you can see that I have one Runic Healing Potion, my alt has some, and guild bank also got some. All of these things are handy, and you get it with one addon. Great! I couldnt live without this one, thats for sure. I love it, and i have to say that in my opinion, this is one of the better addons this game has seen. So thats why i couldnt resist making this post, Beca. Not because i want to diss OneBag or your post, but a mere comment on your post wouldnt cover all the stuff i wanted to shine a light on :)




07.apr.2010 kl.15:27

I agree it looks very good. Id really like to organize my bags and write stuff like "funny trinkets", "sexy dresses" etc. I might download this when I get home, and thanks for sharing :D


07.apr.2010 kl.16:03

Beca: It takes some time to organize, but when its done, you'll never have to worry about where your items are ever again :D


07.apr.2010 kl.16:10

Can you also see items in mail and on ah, and also see other characters equipped items?


07.apr.2010 kl.16:11

Beca: The mail ones you can see, then you will get "Lunaire: 1 (bag), 2 (mail). Not sure about equipped items, as i havent had two different equippables split on two or more characters.


07.apr.2010 kl.16:13

Beca: And dont know about AH, never notices because i consider those items sold, or in progress of being sold, so yeah :p If it lacks some of that, i guess its possible to turn this funtion off, and use the one you have?


07.apr.2010 kl.16:17

well Im sold anyway :) Tonight its ArkInventory playtime! Haha this sounds like a lame TV-shop commercial where you amaze me with some magic broom that does everything :D And it works!


07.apr.2010 kl.16:20

Beca: Haha yeah, tried to write it a bit commercial-style, or something :p But actually i AM i love with that addon, so it comes from the heart, sniff sniff!

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