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Argh, now im pissed off. Was randomly browsing some norwegian web paper, and saw some article about Starcraft II. Since im interested in games in general, i had to click the link and read what it was all about. Was some updates about release date coming soon, and about the CE they have made. Here and here you can read about the Starcraft II CE edition, and guess what? A WoW pet comes with it! So unfair! I hate you Blizzard. Now i want that pet, but the box will cost like 100 bucks. Must have. Must. So there goes a hundred dollaz out the window i guess. But ofc, maybe the game is cool, and i can play it when i get tired of WoW? Shrug.

Isnt this a cool one?

I'd like this little fella at least!

Need to think whether its worth it or not. Spending IRL money on virtual pets, as someone pointed out last night :p I have to admit my pet collection is reaching an obsession level. Still havent got many TCG pets, but damn i want them all. Cant afford all of course, but some. Bananas and Tuskarr Dragon Kite at least. Maybe robot chicken? Will have to see.

What do you think about Starcraft II? Something you've anticipated?

If you are one of those starting your "WoW" carreer with Warcraft and Starcraft, maybe you've been waiting for this game a lot, like half of the world (it seems)! I've tried both of them ages ago, and ofc it was fun, but i wasnt really any good, lol. Still, i would most definetely try it out if i end up flushing money down the drain to get pixels in WoW!

Visit the official Starcraft site here. They made a nice effort on this one, i have to say. Looks cool to me :)



09.apr.2010 kl.18:06

Starcraft has been the first game i played at a semi competitive level (others being Counter-Strike and WoW ^^), so I'm very excited with SCII (I just find it a bit lame they split it into 3 games to make more money...) and I can't wait to get my hands on the collector edition :P Lot of cool stuff inside, a Jim Reynor USB key, books, music...and a pet I may give to you if you are gentle enough :P I'm not that much into pet in wow any more anyway.


09.apr.2010 kl.18:11

Ow, there is the Cataclysm druid preview tomorrow, I'm expecting you to share your thoughts here so we druids wandering here can discuss about it ! :D


09.apr.2010 kl.18:23

And if there is no news about Lunaire the tree, Jalhar the bear has started his career last week, I've been tanking most of ICC10 two weeks in a row now, as we lack tanks for 10 men :o 68k HP with the 10% buff ftw, almost fully decked in i264 already <3 It's nice to change role and playstyle a bit, but I still find healing more complicated & interesting :P

Maybe I should try moonkin one day, it's the only tree I've never specced into and your post about eclipse was intersting... but Jalhar is afraid to morph into a chicken and look ridiculous :s


09.apr.2010 kl.20:41

Moose: Haha, we chickens look ridiculous eh? :p Been looking forward to the druid info release, so will be a post of course. Probably wont cover feral, and maybe only slightly resto as im a nubcake there, but balance all the way! If you buy CE and want to donate pet, i will love you, so go ahead! Hehe ;)

Cool that you're doing well as feral, especially since you're like the arch-tree of all resto druid :p Give balance a shot once, maybe you like that too!

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