Cataclysm Class Preview: Druid

Finally the druid post is out! Been waiting for info about druids in the coming expansion for a while now, and after all the other stuff ive read, ive been really anticipating it. If you've also been exited about druid news, you might want to tone it down a bit, cus this wasnt much exited in my opinion. At least not for balance druids. If i miss something, got something wrong, or anything else, let me know. I couldnt wait with this til after i get back from work, so been hurrying through both MMO post, comments + writing this inbetween make-up and coffee before work :) I think i got the main stuff for now.

Lets start with new spells first:

Wild Mushroom (Level 85): Grows a magical mushroom at the target location. After 4 seconds the mushroom becomes invisible. Enemies who cross the mushroom detonate it, causing it to deal area-of-effect damage, though its damage component will remain very effective against single targets. The druid can also choose to detonate the mushroom ahead of time. This is primarily a tool for the Balance druid, and there will be talents that play off of it. No cooldown. 40-yard range. Instant cast.

Yay, a mushroom that seems useless for anything but PvP! Or another AoE spell we can play with on trash. I got SO disappointed. Gah! Of course we will have to wait and see how things turn out, and i dont want to cry before i see it.. Wait, actually i do want to cry a littlebit. Even though a mushroom itself seems cool, i just dont understand how this is going to be useful for raiding druids. No Cooldown, 40-yard range, instant cast. How on earth is that gonna go hand in hand with massive dps? Doesnt add up. The idea seems awesomely fun, i mean, imagine boomkins with shrooms all over the place! But the utility? Well, as i said -let's see!

Changes to abilities and mechanics:

Barkskin will be innately undispellable. Care. Smells like PvP.

Druids will lose Abolish Poison with the dispel mechanics change, but Restoration druids will gain Dispel Magic (on friendly targets) as a talent. All druids can still remove poisons with Cure Poison and remove curses with Remove Curse. Ok, and what does that mean for my sake? Nothing major.

New talents and talent changes:

Balance druids will have a new talent ability called Nature's Torrent, which strikes for either Nature or Arcane damage depending on which will do the most damage (or possibly both), and moves the Eclipse meter more. The improved version of Nature's Torrent also reduces the target's movement speed. 10-second cooldown.

Ok then, let me show whats written about the Eclipse meter:

Eclipse: We are moving Eclipse from a talent into a core mechanic of the class and making it less random. Balance druids will have a new UI element that shows a sun and a moon. Whenever they cast an Arcane spell, it will move the UI closer to the sun, and buff their Nature damage. Whenever they cast a Nature spell, it will move the UI closer to the moon, and buff their Arcane damage. The gameplay intention is to alternate Arcane and Nature spells (largely Starfire and Wrath) to maintain the balance.

Let's round it up then.

  • We get a mushroom that works like a landmine.
  • We lose Abolish Poison, but Cure Poison works as usual.
  • Nature's Torrent + Eclipse will make our damage less random and RNG'ish.

The only interesting part of this is the Eclipse changes. Finally we might be getting some dps cycle that allows us to deliver every time, not only when we are lucky. Also i like how they play around the whole balance thing, and for the first time i feel the name of the spec "balance" actually means something. Magic Mushrooms. What on earth..? At least Eclipse changes are cool, but that didnt come out of the blue, so cant say that reading this post was groundbreaking. Was expecting changes there, and got it.

I dont know if i bother to write about trees and cats/bears. It kinda was all about them, so its a lot to write about something that doesnt really interest me. But you can of course check it out yourself, and join the discussion in comment section. Can ofc mention that tree form change to a metamorphosis thing, so they can show off gear more often. I hate you a littlebit, trees. But then again, as long as im an ugly Tauren, i dont really care, cus there's nothing to show off. God, how i miss Alliance. MISS IT BAD! The zoo pets can get some sprint for several people, and thats where they lost me. Check it out for yourselves!

What do you think of druids in Cataclysm? And which spec do you think will pull the longest straw here?



11.apr.2010 kl.17:24

No new spell for restauration druids, I am a sad panda :'(

A lot of feral oriented changes and / or pvp changes, not many things interesting for mah tree, except the removal of the tree form (finally I'll be able to show off my orange mace !).

The haste change and its effect on hots / dots has a lot of impact and is rather complicated to study, it'll make gear choice / tuning more interesting. But I'm afraid the resto druid gameplay won't change much, it'll make my departure easier to do :-)


11.apr.2010 kl.18:52

Moose: I think the haste change is something the number geeks at EJ can work on. Im not a theorycrafter, and dont plan to become one either :p Ofc, resto already have a lot of spells, so nut sure what else they would need, but its still a bit "lame" since many other classes see interesting changes. Me myself arent 100% sure about what to think of this stuff yet. Shroom seems PvP oriented, even tho im sure i can find SOME use for it in PvE too. Need to get a more thorough overview before i can make up my mind on that one. Eclipse changes seems nice tho, exited to see how they will work out in beta. So you think you gonna (finally) ditch WoW if Cata doesnt deliver? Would make sence, but what are you gonna do (play) then? ;)


12.apr.2010 kl.00:31

irl :P And perhaps still a bit of WoW as casual, and a bit of SCII, but don't tell anyone :o

Cataclysm quality has no real part in my choice anyway, I've been playing this game at high raiding level for more than 5 years, from the early MC days to now, and game starts to get a bit boring :-) Nothing really new in PvE in WotlK, and I doubt they can really change the core of a 5yo game to make the gameplay interesting again (for me).

And ye, I did read about haste on EJ, as we don't know the new values yet, neither the itemzation, hard to see what will go out of it, I'm just afraid that won't change the druid gameplay much.

I've healed with HT4 during vanilla, then moved to lifebloom in TBC to rejuvenation / WG in wotlk, with nourish / regrowth as situational tools, I use all my healing spells every raid (besides tranquility xD), if I don't get novely in my own gameplay, I don't really see the point to go on, as bosses design has imho reached a cap? It's extremly hard to do a really innovative boss in WoW now. I found ICC a bit boring because of that.


12.apr.2010 kl.11:51

Moose: Yeah, definetely understand what you mean. Reaching a point where you feel you've seen everything. For me, the worst is to not be competing for server firsts and all the glory (hehe). I miss being number one, but i cant be arsed to play seven days a week, adding 10-mans to it. Its a nice game, but as you say, what more can they do with bosses? Not sure, but so many different things have been introduced so far, so if they have anything else up their sleeves now, im really curious :p

BUT, i have heard you be a bit like this before, so we shall see what happens in Cataclysm, my friend! ;)


12.apr.2010 kl.16:00

please post this pic on your forum. I know you are a chicken and NOT a tree, but i really dont want to lose tree form! I dont even want it as an option! Being a tree defines me! I will no longer have ferals sharpening their claws on me or people peeing up me! Ill miss that warm feeling up my leg......


12.apr.2010 kl.17:26

moomoo: A post for you, my friend! :)

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