To Tree Or Not To Tree..?

In the Cataclysm info released, it was stated that resto druid would be relesed from permantent tree form duty. Why they chosed this, while the other forms remains, im not 100% sure of, but what i do know is that there has been a lot of mixed emotions about it.

Some say the tree form stinks. That it looks awful and have bad animations. I think it looks cute, and i have to say the horde moonkin is worse, and got even less animations. Still, we are druids. We shapeshift. Its our thing, sort of. Will be a bit different for worgens, but for the rest, we're used to looking like things in raids, and not as elves or cows. Or trolls, soon enough.

On one hand, i like the shapeshifting, cus in my opinion i feel like it defines me as a druid, and especially as a moonkin since level 40. Im used to this fat, hamster-bottom creature. It got its own charm, so to speak. Trees cant cast offensive spells while shapeshifted, which can be a bit lame. But i cant cast heals as boomkin, and shadow priests cant either, in shadow form. We do have some limitations to what we can or cant do, but in the end of the day, its what makes us special. Right?

So, on behalf of a fellow druid, Moomoojuju, i want to post this:

"please post this pic on your forum. I know you are a chicken and NOT a tree, but i really dont want to lose tree form! I dont even want it as an option! Being a tree defines me! I will no longer have ferals sharpening their claws on me or people peeing up me! Ill miss that warm feeling up my leg......"

What do the rest of you readers think? Will you miss the trees?




12.apr.2010 kl.18:32

AAAAW how cute are YOU for posting it!! *sends a big squishy tree hug*


12.apr.2010 kl.18:34

moomoo: :D


13.apr.2010 kl.14:37

I have mixed feelings about this, one the one hand it wil be nice to actually SEE the gear I loot, especially my orange mace, on the other hand I kind of got used to it, it's a funny form and it's not fun to be the only druid tree w/o a transformation. It all depends on how the new tree of life turns out to be : if it changes me into a tree for 20s every 2 min increasing my healing done by X%, I'll hate it. If it's some cool stuff that changes me into a tree that allows me to wrap some wood up around a tank to protect him or smg, it may be nice :P

Totally unrelated note, 11/12 HM25, LK here we come ! Well, next week, if we manage to rekill Putri AND Sindragosa....^^


13.apr.2010 kl.14:40

And gz on LK25 and on the chest ! :D

Hoping to see a blogpost about it soon.

Gl on hardmodes ! well 8 of them are actually easier than LK25 now, tbh ^^

(all but LK putri sindra Lady)


13.apr.2010 kl.14:42

They mention Treeform as a trinket option. Ive ALWAYS wanted to BS a tank or someone in need and if that were an option then perhaps id like it a little but i dun wanna lose my branches! I like my shit rendering!


13.apr.2010 kl.16:10

Moose: Sir Brag-a-lot JALLYPOO here!! :D Hahahaha!

Totally unrelated note, 11/12 HM25, LK here we come ! Well, next week, if we manage to rekill Putri AND Sindragosa....^^

But, on behalf of me, myself and I, congrats to all of Atardnus, i mean Aeternus and my old friends and foes! May Elune light up your path and secretly aid you in the battle against LK v2! ;) Say hello to the old geezers from me btw, tell them i miss them. Most of them anyway. Always had the hots for Tyos, you know! Wahaha, nah :p I miss raiding with you, especially after C joined vent, and we all argued like kids while you backed up with heavy breathing, Mintik being the buff police, Muppet whispering to me how stupid everyone else was, me laughing, Tyos finally losing it at Yogg. AH MEMORIES!! I think im gonna release some of my Caris quotes here one day, haha!

Dont pick up the phone, you wont save the world anyway!


13.apr.2010 kl.16:11

Moose: Thank you, good sir, for noticing LK25 and even new chest (well done tbh) :p


13.apr.2010 kl.16:12

moomoo: Well, maybe that would work, but would it be worth losing a trinket spot, sort of? We'll just have to see what they work out i guess!


13.apr.2010 kl.16:16

To Jalhar!!

* 20:27:29 [R] [70:Tyos]: Yes we are flasking. Yes we are using weapon oils. Yes you should be Well Fed.

* 20:27:30 [RW] [DND][70:Caris]: bunch of maggots, you flask on wipe nights

* 20:27:48 [RW] [DND][70:Caris]: ESPECIALLY on those nights

Hihihihiii!! :D

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