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Pic nicked from guild site.

Finally we managed to kill this bastard in 25-man. Shame it didnt happen before the whole buff things was added, but hey, better late than never! I get to have a life and kill end bosses. Im all cool with that! Now we're all ready to start the hardmodes, and i hope we will manage to rush through at least a few of them.

When we did this kill, we came and had like 3-4 tries, and bam, he had to give up. Not too bad imo. I won another token this week. Think that makes it 2 in total? Cant remember. But gear is coming along good now. Could use some new trinket(s), but that will come eventually. The ones i've got arent the worst combo, so its not that crucial for maxing dps.

No more 25-man raids before thursday, so cant update more on hardmodes until then. Chances are i will fill up with random pet posts again :D Or.. RP??? Well tbh i dont know who most of my readers are, except like a handful (5-7 or so), so if you want to reveal yourselves and come with wishes for what you want to read more about, thats cool! More druid stuff perhaps? Or RP? Or pets? Or, or, or.. i dont know. You figure something out :)


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