Raid Leaders From Hell (!?)

I guess everyone have read Banai quotes. If not, you should be ashamed and only return to this blog post when you have read up and expanded your view on how wack a raid leader can get. You can read the legendary Banai quotes here. Gogo, i laugh every single time i read them. And ive been reading them many, many times! You might also want to pick up the Sebudai quotes here while you're at it. They are also funny. This isnt rocket surgery, so you should be fine!

And seriously guys, these quotes are too good to be lost on the internet, so download the pics just to be sure. I will continue to laugh at this til im in diapers in the retirements home 70 years from now. At that point i might actually have such lose control of my bladder that im in danger of peing myself every time i read it, but thats cool. Its gonna be worth it!

Ok, now, where was i? Oh yes, i was gonna share some quotes of my own. Most people here knows who this is, but ill alter the names a bit to keep some decency here. I hope you enjoy!

* 22:45:17 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: dont pickup the phone
* 22:45:24 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: you wont save the world anyway

* 20:27:29 [R] <70:Ty>: Yes we are flasking. Yes we are using weapon oils. Yes you should be Well Fed.
* 20:27:30 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: bunch of maggots, you flask on wipe nights
* 20:27:48 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: ESPECIALLY on those nights

* 20:42:36 [R] <70:Panda>: Does anyone have a spare Flask of mighty restoration? i have the mats except 3 dreaming glory
* 20:43:19 [G] <DND><70:Caris>: I dont mean to sound like a bitch but..oh wait ...actually i do...the next who asks for a flask 1h into raid will get kicked out
* 20:43:47 [G] <70:Dracco>: its better for ppl to ask then go unflasked :/
* 20:43:47 Guild Message of the Day: Monday Raid 19.30 (inv 19) - BE THERE and prepared for anything - Focus and Dedication or GTFO - New marks check Forums
* 20:43:48 [G] <70:Arcane>: better than not asking i guess ?
* 20:43:53 [G] <DND><70:Caris>: you see GMOTD ?
* 20:43:57 [G] <DND><70:Caris>: BE THERE AND PREPARED
* 20:44:02 [G] <DND><70:Caris>: it means something
* 20:44:19 [G] <70:Voo>: hmm

* 20:53:52 [R] <70:Ty>: Fast reactions on Encap, and good MD'ing. Need to improve raid healing.
* 20:55:23 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: boost your HP squishies

* 21:42:02 [R] <70:Fay>: How was dps, didn't check hp %
* 21:42:10 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: you sucked
* 21:42:27 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: work on survival and kiting first then we'll compare DPS
* 21:42:28 [R] <70:Fay>: Says the frenchie who kited the beam to the tree
* 21:42:48 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: well i wasnt told it was bad the first time i did it :p
* 21:42:53 [R] <70:Voo>: french fried!
* 21:43:35 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: french toast works better Voo
* 21:44:18 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: dont you learn anything in Ireland beside beer and trefles ?
* 21:44:22 [R] <70:Voo>: seriously, the only reason it's called french toast is to make it sound better than Eggy Bread

* 23:53:43 [R] <70:Dracco>: getting late
* 23:53:51 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: this one wasnt a try
* 23:53:57 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: wankers

* 23:35:17 [RL] <DND><70:Caris>: welcome to Atardnus

* 21:54:30 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: stop playing like noobs
* 21:54:48 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: being MCed is NOT ok

* 23:28:20 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: RETARD !
* 23:28:26 [R] <70:Panda>: it wasnt on my screen
* 23:28:28 [R] <70:Panda>: and it just spawned on me

* 23:33:21 [R] <70:Dragon>: getting better
* 23:33:28 [R] <70:Cyg>: no
* 23:33:36 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: Cant you freaking stick with the rest of the raid if you dont see the damn cloud ?
* 23:33:46 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: why are you sniffing it ?
* 23:34:18 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: maybe it's getting better for you Dragon since you didnt die this time
* 23:34:27 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: res and buff

* 19:38:40 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: come on faster with buffs people
* 19:38:47 [RW] <DND><70:Caris>: stop playing with your genitals

* 21:39:46 [R] <70:Dragon>: ran thorugh kal the second he got burn. and I gave it to mac too -.-
* 21:39:59 [R] <70:Dragon>: l2run behind ppl after burn!!
* 21:40:04 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: I dont have time to have every raider doing a "oops now that was stupid" , or we'll be there till next Xmas

* 21:48:20 [R] <70:Stress>: God I love endless pointless wipes <3

* 22:46:54 [R] <70:Bodi>: i lost the dura on my chest :S
* 22:47:00 [R] <70:Sal>: Boobs
* 22:47:03 [R] <70:Bodi>: lol
* 22:47:05 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: too much rubbing
* 22:47:10 [R] <70:Bodi>: wtf?
* 22:47:17 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: armor
* 22:47:17 [R] <70:Voo>: silicone implants are known to cause aditional wear on shirts
* 22:47:23 [R] <70:Doku>: big boobs bodieve :P
* 22:47:35 [R] <70:Bodi>: implants .. FU
* 22:47:36 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: you call that big ?
* 22:47:44 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: puny Nelf
* 22:47:49 [R] <70:Voo>: well, I'd need pictures to be certain
* 22:47:51 [R] <70:Doku>: from the pics ive seen caris they are pretty big ;))
* 22:48:01 [R] <70:Doku>: i got naked pics for transferring you know?
* 22:48:09 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: erm
* 22:48:14 [R] <DND><70:Caris>: you guys are weird

* 23:12:41 [G] <AFK><70:Caris>: mail me for gems
* 23:12:46 [G] <AFK><70:Caris>: requests
* 23:12:46 [G] <70:Panda>: cant i pm u? :p
* 23:12:52 [G] <AFK><70:Caris>: piss off
* 23:13:03 [G] <AFK><70:Caris>: you mail me all
* 23:13:09 [G] <70:Panda>: but whats hard about pm'ing u? :p
* 23:13:20 [G] <AFK><70:Caris>: not as hard as my foot up your ass

* 22:30:31 [RL] <DND><70:Caris>: i'm gonna watch the last minutes of the game while you meditate on this stupid wipe

As you can understand, he had a mini-Banai inside him. I laughed a lot. A lot. I mean, seriously though. You should have heard vent! Hahahah :D I have to admit it got a bit too much for me in the end. I was also an officer (only the recruitment bitch, but still), so sometimes i spoke as well on vent. But most times near the end, i just wanted to scream and stuff. And i think i did a few times. Can you imagine me shouting on vent? Hoho, i can! And ofc, then we had Jalhars breathing on top of everything else! Even Ty here, whos quoted a few times snapped once. Once! That i will never forget. Was like "did the priest just swear in church??" :p

Link me your best RL quotes!

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Elise - Amahrlee

25.apr.2010 kl.23:21

Awesome :D I love reading on wowbash, so yeah, I have a looot of funny quotes saved on my computer

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