I <3 Druids

Well, this didnt come as a big suprise now, did it? I dont have any good ideas for a post right now, so decided i'd share my my love for druids instead. Playing one for more than 3 years does something with you. As Phee once said "how cool would it be to be a druid irl". Yeah, i would totally love to just able to teleport to Moonglade when im tired of the city life. Cast a quick decurse when im hungover, starfire anyone who gets in my way. Those sort of things.

Feral, Resto, Balance. I love them all! Gathered a few druid pics that i like. Last one is my druid family, original pic can be found on here.

Random druid dancing in Moonglade. Im the ally one. I miss it! :(

Druids > Omen!

No idea why i took this. Its from SFK, im sitting in a corner. On a fire thing. Hot bum!

Alliance bear dancing in front of RFK in Orgrimmar. Fun times :D

Happy family of druids! Lets all hold hands and sing Kumbayah!

And yeah, ill come up with a better idea til next time im making a post! ;)




15.apr.2010 kl.13:27

I'm on the pic \o/ And in travel form, ready to retreat ! (I mean, ready to advance in a different direction :D)

Druid is the only class is game with such versatility, such fun (I mean, changing form, isn't that imba :D) such backgroud (Malfurion, druids of the Talon, druids of the Claw, the Emerald Dream, the World Tree...)

Druid For Life !


15.apr.2010 kl.16:03

Moose: Druid, druid, druid!


20.apr.2010 kl.19:59

Druids are really fun to play, though admittedly my druid alt still sits at level 71 or so. (In the end it turns out there is a limit to how many chars I can drag through 80 levels.. :P) The one thing I miss when I'm a druid is the distinction between male and female when shapeshifted. I guess it's too much to ask for though, but wouldn't it be cool if there was at least some small, noticable difference?

I love the screenshot of the bunch of druids having just killed Omen *lol* And who drew that awesome last picture?


20.apr.2010 kl.22:35

Saga: I like druids, but also its the only class i really know how to play, since i suck with alts :p I only have one other level 80, which is a DK thats been retired since Naxxramas! Leveling a lock now tho, so i hope i can master that one a little better, as its a caster too :p

The Omen druid run was fun! :D And the last pic is from a dude on deviantart.com, the link is right above the first pic ^^

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