New Friends

In-game friends, that is. Good companions who will never let you down. As the pet nutter i am, ofc i needed the Lil' XT pet. And the mount looks both cool and are cheap, so i thought "why not?". So now i got another action figure to play with, and i can ride and fly around on the Celestial Steed. Im very happy with both :)

But it took a while. Seems like everyone wants this mount, so the queues at Blizzard Store is huge as hell. When i got in line, i had more than 30'000 people in front of me. After a while, it looked like this.

Glad to see the stock didnt move fast, but then again its not that fun when every Morondk Jenkins around have it. Or actually, it is fun. I love it! Its shiny and sparkly and beautiful. Adorable really! Its like my own Pegasus. Yay!

Here is me and my new friends. Look at that smashing trio, eh?


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