Results May Vary - ICC25 Heroic

Okay. Enough pet talk. Now time to talk about something else, meaning todays raid! We started fresh with heroic 25-man tonight, and the first boss to die at our feet in heroic version was Lord Marrowgar. Took us 2 tries (iirc), so wasnt bad in my opinion. Then we moved onto Lady Deathwhisper, but we took her down the normal way. Then heading to Lootship, one-shotted it in heroic (naturally). That fight is such a joke! Saurfang went down the normal way, and then we went for Valithra to give her a shot at heroic. Sadly, at that time, we had major server lag, with the entire raid being stuck at 1000ms, so we wiped and just did her the normal way. Needless to say, Sindragosa also died the easy way.

Then time to move on to Blood Council! Took us a good 2-3 tries, or 4, cant remember. But they died eventually. And what a kill! When they died, only a handful of people were alive, and no one could handle kinetics (glowing balls), so one blew up and more died. Was lucky, but not entirely based on luck only. We had time for 3 tries on Blood Queen, but we wiped to something silly the first time, and to enrage the other two. Reaching enrage with dead people will kinda mean we're behind on dps, so that wasnt anything really sucky, part from people dying. I think we will have a kill on monday, and hopefully also Festergut. Dont know how Rotface is on heroic, but we'll try that too i hope. Putricide.. Well, i think he will live for a little longer in his heroic self! And that goes for Lich King too!

All in all, i think the raid was good, and we killed 3 hardmodes the first night, which is something. Since we're not a hardcore guild, i dont think its bad :)

I think someone recorded some of the kills, so if he puts up a video, ill share it here! Time to hit the sack now, so ill leave it with this (no pictures, boo), but will update again soon! And, oh wait. I got loot again! My fourth Sanctified piece! The Vanquisher tokens drop so often that they are really cheap, so even me and my low DKP can afford them! I like that :)

Ok, now im off for real! Take care everyone, and have a pleasent night, hopefully free of volcanic ash! Thats more than you can say about Oslo at least atm, heh..


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17.apr.2010 kl.03:02

Rotface is a complete joke in HM (and dreamwalker too, you should have tried harder :P), however you might find Festergut a bit more challenging than you think :P Blood Queen with good healers (hello druids !) and ppl biting right persons is very easy as well.

After those and the ones you killed, the challenge is rising, and Sindragosa & Putricide are definitly bosses worthy of wipes, a lot of wipes ^^ gratz & gl !

And I buy the Alganon mount too, I feel lame, but darn it looks good on my alts :P

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