Comments - Need or Greed?

Lately ive registered on this WoW Blog community forum. Its a place where WoW bloggers gather their forces, discuss stuff and have a topic to write about every week. This week (only one day left, im a bit late), the topic spins around comments, and how they influence your writing. You can read the original post here, and the blog of the person suggesting the theme here.

Why do we blog? Why do we update our status on facebook? Why do we twitter? Why do you do all of this instead of just writing in a pink plush diary IRL? Communication. Diaries never speak back, and they certainly dont comment on whatever you write about your days.

Dear Diary. Today at school i finally dared to ask Mike if he wanted to come over to my place with his laptop this saturday, so we could do some PvP together. He declined, and it was really humiliating. But, when we were about to go home, he came around and said we could meet on vent instead, as it was a bit less scary. I got really happy. Maybe hes interested in me after all?? Im so glad we both play Alliance, else i have no idea how i would approach him.

And then Diary is like "Yeah wow, cool story bro! You totally need to update me on the rest tomorrow."

That would be cool, right? Or maybe just awkward, when i think of it. But the point is that whenever you write a diary, you do it solely for yourself, as you know there will never be any comments or questions, and no one will ever judge what you put in there. You can write that "today i ganked a level 12 like over 40 times and it was really cool", and you can keep on thinking that its cool because you wont get comments like "idiot" and "childish bastard" etc. But if you tend to write about more mature stuff, it would be lame to never have any comments.

Lets face it. You blog because you enjoy it, but you enjoy comments more than not enjoying it. Comments gives you a feeling of communication between yourself and your readers, and the more readers you have, the more comments you get. It can be a simple thumbs up on a post, or people can get carried away discussing theorycrafting. The ladder hardly ever occurs on my blog. Im the worst theorycrafter ever.

Do comments have influence on what i write? Not really. Sometimes a comment can trigger a process of thinking, which again leads to me making a new post on some topic, but in general, comments wont decide what or how im writing. But then again, if no one comments at all, i might feel disappointed and think that my posts arent interested at all, and so ill try to write about something else the next time. Maybe ill write about something thats only 50% interesting to me, but more interesting for the readers. Yuk, did i just sell a part of myself there?

As this is a druid blog, and more spesific a moonkin one, my posts wont be of interest to a million people. Also im tending to write a lot about random stuff that goes on in-game, my pets (yeah, always the pets), what the guild is up to and druid news. There wont ever be PvP stuff here, unless i start PvP. Not even if i had gotten a hundred commenters pleading for PvP news.

I think the bottom line is that comments make blogging interesting, and its a satisfying feeling when someone actually likes your post enough to leave a comment. I used to have an IRL blog where i mixed WoW and IRL stuff, but most readers were WoW people, and my IRL friends found it really boring to read about the game. Solution? I split them up, and this blog is the result. How did it go with the IRL blog then? It got too boring. Never any comments, so i felt i was writing it to myself only, and tbh that wasnt that much fun. This blog i like much more. It doesnt rain comments all over here, and if it does, its only from 2-3 different people.. But at least those 2-3 are faithful readers, and i appreciate that :)

Comments - Need or Greed? I'd have to go with the need. I need comments to keep me going. I greed the attention, but i need the "nice post" "interesting read" and especially "you really made me laugh". I put a smile on your face, you make my day. And if you smile and let me know, thats even better!




18.apr.2010 kl.11:45

[b]I think the bottom line[/b] is that comments make blogging interesting, and its a satisfying feeling when someone actually likes your post enough to leave a comment.

Erm NO!

I think the bottom line is that your toon has the bottom of a hamster! *nods*


18.apr.2010 kl.12:07

moomoo: lol, silly!! I used to have a perfectly fine bottom before i faction-changed. Now im fat and.. fat! But before, i was a hot mama, rawr!


19.apr.2010 kl.19:48

jobber p gamlehjem og spiller wow du ogs? :) hehe..kan ta utepils med meg hvis dukjeder deg 8-)


19.apr.2010 kl.20:08

I think as a blogger you need comments to get that feeling of appreciation.


19.apr.2010 kl.21:06

Ida: Gamlehjem, hjemmetjenesten, same shit -different wrappings :p Godt det er flere av oss rundt om i byen! Da hadde det jo vrt plenty av samtaleemner over en pils ;)


20.apr.2010 kl.12:53

*likes your post enough to leave a comment*



20.apr.2010 kl.22:36

Wez: Woo! <3

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