Facing Death

Some times you enter a fight full of hope, and some times you enter it thinking it will go to hell for sure. If you have high hopes, it really sucks to fail, but if you werent positive to start with, an unexpected kill is bliss! This week there was especially two kills i took notice of. I always love kills that seems to go well, but then someone dies and it seems to go wrong, and in the end, some brave warriors stand and fight off the boss alone -ending with a kill! Nothing is like a boss kill where you have so few people left that you feel you need Divine Intervention IRL to make it happen.

We took on some hardmodes in 25-man this week, and the kill count ended on 4 in total. Yet, LK remained alive due to lost wiping time, and fuck-ups when we eventually reached him. Some took it harder than others. Me? Of course i thought it was a shame, but why cry over some weapons when you have achieved 4 new kills? There's always time next week. And the week after. And the week.. Yeah, you get the point.

Anyway, as i wrote about earlier, we did 3 hardmodes on thursday raid, and monday we went for more. First we tried Blood Queen, but it didnt quite work out, so we ended up killing her normal mode. Or maybe we went to the others first? Now i cant remember, my memory can be compared with the one of a goldfish. That doesnt matter anyway. We went for Festergut, and had a little wipefest there as well. Er wait, no, Rotface. Argh, now my imagenames are wrong. WRONG! Ack, doesnt matter. Anyway. We went.. Eh, im confusing myself, need to go afk to check this out.

*dum de dum*

Ok, now im back. It was Rotface, the blob guy. Blobs being the small oozes. Picked up the word in Aeternus, and ive become quite fond of it. But yeah, we wiped a few times, but BAM finally we nailed it. And when we did, im back to what i started writing about -funny kills where most people are dead! It looked like this in the end (clicky for larger version):

6 people alive when boss died. Phew! Sadly im never one of those alive. Blame healers! Im not your average "lulz i just finish dis 5 sec cast :D" person, so when i die, its mostly after healers or tanks die. Or when Val'kyrs toss me off the edge :( I dont like that. Cant see the rest of the fight. And, er yes. Where was i?

We went for some 10 man hardmodes today. Tried at least. Didnt go too well, and we ended up killing all in normal mode due to time running out. When we took the decision of killing Sindragosa normal mode, i think people had lost focus abit and just wanted to faceroll. Myself, i wanted to chop off my head and boil it slowly in horse milk. More on that at another time. Wasnt really feeling well today, so raid seemed to last forever. Add yelling, yelling and yelling on vent, and it completely freaked me out so much that i had to quit vent for last LK tries.

But, before LK, there was this Sindragosa kill, and since last second nukes were called too early, most people dropped like flies way before they were supposed to. It got messy, but as you all know, paladins are OP, and right now im glad they are!

3 (barely) alive and 1 ghost-angel-dead-spirit priest left. Yikes!

Now i was supposed to write more, but it slipped my mind. If you managed to read through this post without being confused at least three times, i congratulate you. Thats more then what i managed while writing it. I distracted myself like ten times, and lost the track each time. Exhausting!




21.apr.2010 kl.12:20

Err :) Sorry for the yelling >_> But I really was a bit frustrated too >_>


21.apr.2010 kl.12:27


*dum de dum*

is chopping your head off and boiling it in milk a norwegian saying? :P


21.apr.2010 kl.12:29

Wez: Ehm no, it was just something i made up along the way :<


21.apr.2010 kl.12:32

thats some awesome imagination :)


23.apr.2010 kl.00:40

horsey horsey! lol

you are such a spaz! :P

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