Warlocks Are Forever

I have always had a thing for warlocks. Always. My first alt was a warlock, as far as i can remember, and a human one too. Leylah she was called, quite the pretty girl really. Now she's been following me from Lightbringer to Dragonblight and back to Lightbringer, dressed in fancy clothes, stuck at level 15 forever. Leylah is now a bank slut. I kinda liked her, but she had to stay at Lightbringer as i was tired of transfering her around. I mean, transfering a bank alt, thats pretty much waste of beer money!

Then we had Zidana. She was a butt-ugly undead. In fact, she still is a butt-ugly undead. Not really ugly, but i made her face a bit weird, and regretted it ever since. This one made it to level 42, quite the achievement! But then i got tired of being horde on that server, and well, may she rest in peace. Unbelievable that she hasnt been kicked from the guild shes in, after not being properly played the past year or two.

I still wanted a warlock, even after giving up two in the past. They just attract me, like a nice pile of poop attract dung beetles. So then i decided to make a third one! And this one was given heirlooms to speed things up. After all, im a terrible leveler that tends to give up quite fast. I only have one 80 alt, and it took me forever and a little more. But, i really wanted a warlock, and on alliance side again this time, so Duffy entered the world on Dragonblight! She was a gnome. Dont know why on earth i would chose a gnome, but i did. And it was awful. I mean, she was cute, sure, but the view? How does gnomes manage in raids when all they can see is in a frogs perspective? Also the damn void walker was always in the way, since its more than twice as big, so yeah, hard times!

But i transfered away from Dragonblight, so she was left there to rot for quite a while. In face, she rested for more than a year i think, before i did a faction change and transfered her to Twisting Nether two days ago. She then was 64, and yesterday i took her to 68 and Northrend. Pretty cool! She was Duffy on Dragonblight, then she was Yukino on Lightbringer, and now she is Christalynn the blood elf on Twisting Nether. Only even got one name sister, and thats an alt i have on Earthen Ring! And if you wondered, no she never got far either. Its a priest at level 41. And no, its not my first priest. Got one on Lightbringer too, at level 34. So you can see how good i am with alts..

Okay, so here they are:

Top left is Duffy/Yukino when she was a faithful member of the Alliance, and to the right in the same pic is her on horde side, which would be the state she's currently in. Hello Christalynn, i like your looks! Then at the bottom pic you see Leylah, the bank slut to the left, and Zidana the chocolate pudding muncher on the right.

Okay, so.. This post wasnt really meant to be about warlocks, i just wanted to show some pictures of Christalynn on her i-waste-irl-money-on-pixels mount. The pic where she's flying is obviously the mount as it usually looks, but the pretty pink one is after being affected with the debuff from the stingers in Zangarmarsh. I just liked it, im a girl after all, and girls like pink! And those who say they dont are a) gay or b) lying.

How can you not like this? Wooo, pink, sparkly, pretty mount! <3




21.apr.2010 kl.01:16

*lol* I screenshotted my white griffin mount a few days back after getting bitten by one of those flyin Bees in Zangarmash (The ones that makez you pink) 'cause the buff made my mount pink as well :P Guess I'm not the only one having fun with colors :P PS. The yellow ones gives teh awesome yellow sting colory thingie... I was prettier :P Gosh, now even I sounds gay :S


21.apr.2010 kl.11:28

PlainTom: Haha, so there are more of us indeed! :D I have my mains pink screenie somewhere as well, it was facinating even back then, lol..


21.apr.2010 kl.12:40

Ooh I love warlocks! I started a horde one (undead) back in vanilla but rerolled alliance and she was left rotting at level 26 or something. Eventually got around to making one in TBC and she was my main all the way through Wrath until ToC and the guild was a tank short (being the ever-helpful me of course I promptly rolled a tank! :P)

I'm thinking of making her my main again in Cataclysm though, cause I really do love my little, evil warlock.

And the colours of the horse look awesome with that pink - why didn't they make it that colour instead? :P


22.apr.2010 kl.06:38

Saga: God how i envy people the ability and skill to just level a new toon and make it a new main! Especially from caster to tank, as i find that quite hard to get right on my DK when im so caster-oriented by mind. But ofc its nice to have plenty of toons to chose from, if you master all :p I suck as DK, so i never play it, only herb and mine. Nice waste of level 80, lol ;)


23.apr.2010 kl.11:53

I have a DK too - and I have to admit out of the tanks it's the one I've not quite mastered (and it's been regaled to just doing my alchemy transmute every day *lol*). I know DKs can be awesome, but I just don't seem to be able to get used to it properly. If I have to tank, rather do it on warrior or paladin :)

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