Boobs (hidden in what we call art..)

Guys seems to be obsessed with boobs. Especially Onewinged and Moomoojuju. Therefore, i dedicate this post to these lovely lads, so they can go to sleep with their thumbs safely stuck into their mouths, dreaming (and drooling) about boobs. In fact, im taking it as far as presenting their favourite sets of boobs of all times. WoW boobs! Yeah, you didnt think geeks like that had seen IRL boobs? No, exactly. So lets share the next best ;)

Okay, the first set of boobs sits on a lovely blood elf playing with a mana wyrmling. Gear has been taken to a whole new level of reveal rather than protect various body parts, and even though it must be really lame to wear in a fight, it sure looks good. Visit this deviantart profile for more pics from the same artist. Also you can view this (and the rest) in full-size if you click the pictures. Will open in a new window.

Our next busty girl is a night elf. And with green hair even. I never thought the green haired ones were looking good until now tbh. And this statement had nothing to do with the boobs, but yeah, the hair looks nice. The style is quite different from the previous picture, and it looks more game'ish than paint'ish, if you know what i mean. Also got nice detailed scenery in the background, but i guess you didnt even notice that.. Artist also unknown on this one, but found on freakygaming.

Well, well, well, what do you know? Another night elf. And people wonder why im so sad about the faction change? Nothing in the world can make me see this kind of beauty in a tauren, and thats not a joke based on boobs (again) :p I would say parts of the anatomy is a bit off on this one, especially the torso (mostly belly) part. Also her sword is wider than her waist, so no wonder shes almost dropping it, hah! Surroundings looks like Teldrassil or some other elf place, i like the colors and details. Artist got his name and link in the picture.

A Death Knight here, by Shiramune. Great artist, you should definetely check out her album on deviantart, especially this picture is rather cool! I absolutely love the details in this pictyre, from the lovely hair to all the books in the shelf. Im a sucker for art whether its Dali, Monet or some random at deviantart creating art based on the WoW universe. Of the pictures in this post, this is my absolute favourite, without doubt.

And while we're onto WoW-artists, i want to share another quite different artist with you. This is a player from my original realm, used to go by the name Tichondal. Her deviantart gallery can be found here. She also does alot of other stuff, not only WoW related. Also definetely worth mentioning this girl, also from Lightbringer originally. Gem, she is awesome with plain drawings! I was going to have her make me a portrait of Lunaire and (yeah, go on, laugh) a handful of vanity pets, but i was broke, then forgot, and now im horde and wont want a tauren pic -.- Check out her site here.

Actually, i just have to post one of her pics, as im so amazed by her skills. The details are insane, and its just so beautiful. I would be honored to have a portraid made by her, so one day i have to go through with it, and have her make me my night elf portrait, even though im horde now.. Anyway, this is her hunter, Lhywraith, TBC version.

Okay, that was my mashup on WoW fan art with focus on boobs for the pupertal kids in guild. For glory, honor and boobs, i hope you are satisfied!



23.apr.2010 kl.19:45

You call that a boob post? Meh! MNeh and more meh to you! :P

Awww Lunier you do make me smile. Thank you.

I have to admit i cant stand fan art. It simply does nothing for me. :P I can apreiciate the skill tho.

Alas i forgot to mention bums too! I like bums. A drenai definately has the best bum in game. Its actually shapely and womanly. I guess i could get over the cloven feet anf tail if forced to the bed and tied down while she played with my Totem of wrath :P


23.apr.2010 kl.19:50

moomoo: There's a draenei bum for you!!


23.apr.2010 kl.19:55

So yeah, just as I've said, Moomoo hasn't been laid lately ;)


23.apr.2010 kl.21:38

Awesome pictures! I think the DK one is my favourite too.. I'm gonna have to check out these people on deviantart :) Makes me jealous.. I wish I could draw like that! :)


23.apr.2010 kl.21:59

Saga: This is as far as my skills go ->

So yeah, im pretty jealous too, lol! Check out Azazels pics too, they are a bit naughty, but damn some skills! Goes for both those and the DK artist pics. And Gems drawing skills, to make something like that with only pen and paper, and no computer fixes afterwords!


30.apr.2010 kl.08:49

Boobs. I haz them.

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