Poop = Consequences

Originally posted on guild forums as a silly reply to an anti-blogger who really couldnt care less about reading about your dog and how it pooped in the garden, and how it would be bad for the flowers. And so on. Quite frankly, this is my dissing reply, meant in a humorous way only, of course :)

MY OH MY.. You would not believe what just happened today. I was off to the mailbox in fron of the Alchemist shop to pick up a gem i was transmuting, when i saw the most repulsive thing so far that day. I would say im rather good with my pets, being a huge collector, and i have several alliance slaves cleaning up after them while they are locked up in the barn (which i wont tell you where is). Whenever i feel like i want some company from any of them, i simply summon them to me, but only one at a time. Now you would think one could handle one pet at a time, right?

Well, today that proved wrong. As i was walking towards the mailbox, an indistinctive smell arose in my nose. <sniff sniff> Could it really be? It had to, but how? I slowly turn around, telling my kitten to stay put and wait for me. Then i see it. A gnome. But gnomes, no matter how ugly they are, dont smell like that. I look further down, and then i see it. She has a pet out. And not just any pet, its a skunk! Fair enough, i also own a skunk of course, but mine is trained well. Whenever he has to go, he will run to a grass or dirt area and do it there, but this skunk..

To put it straight forward: he had pooped in the middle of the brick road in Dalaran. Can you believe that? Pooped! And this gnome girl just stood there, looking all puzzled. You would believe she at leas had some doggybags with her, to collect the poop, but no! So there i was, staring at her, smelling her skunks poop and shaking my head in disbelief.

Something had to be done. I ran straight over to my good friend Breanni and told her about this gnome who couldnt watch or train her pet, and asked for her to take the skunk back. Breanni was as shocked as i was, this was the news of the day. A pet had pooped in Dalaran. How disgusting! The end of the story was that Breanni agreed with me that this gnome was not fit for keeping the pet. In fact, she wasnt fit for keeping any other pets than the mechanical ones, as they only spill some drops of oil now and then. She summoned her Rescue Squad, 8 big guys on choppers, and put them on the case. And suddenly i found myself on the back of one of the choppers, joining in. Being a tauren has its benefits, we can look quite terrifying when we want to, especially to a gnome.

As we reached her, one of the guys equipped with a bag got rid of the poop, another one with a bigger bag got rid of the gnome, and i grabbed the poor skunk by the tail and delivered it back to Breanni for her to find a new home for it. It all turned out well, and Dalaran is again free for poop and the smell that comes with it.




24.apr.2010 kl.13:36

"You would believe she at leas had some doggybags with her"


or does that mean something else? :)


24.apr.2010 kl.13:37

Wez: Well, its called poo bags i guess, as doggybags are meant for food leftovers, but the word got totally stuck when i wrote it :p


25.apr.2010 kl.18:29

This made me laugh :) I always knew gnomes weren't reliable for anything!

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