Distraction.. Ooooh, shinies!!!

Im probably the worst ever at getting distracted. Today i planned to do.. well, to be honest i didnt plan to do anything after work really, but what i did plan (as i plan every day), was play WoW! But then when i got in, i was wet and my hair had gotten funny curls from being out in the rain. I listened to the sound of the raindrops outside, and even though i knew my alt needed some love, i needed to love myself first. Mmmmm, warm fluffy bed. Mmmm, sleeeeep.

So, i woke up a couple of hours later and thought "yeah, now i need to play WoW". Right. First i stalked various blogs. Then i stalked various twitter profiles. Then i thought "must make dinner before raid". Then i stayed at twitter some more. Er, so now my food is in the pot, my raid is on, and i am not ready for anything. Grrrreat!

Also, one of the things i wanted to write about soon are other WoW blogs. Most of them seem to use wordpress, either standalone or ehm the other wordpress one (yeah, im clueless here), and me, i feel stuck with this really lame girly norwegian platform. And i went from blogspot to this. And now i want wordpress. Booo! I get all jealous when i see all of the other fancy blogs with their cool widgets and tag clouds and blog rolls and achievement feeder and what not. Lunaire also wants this!

But, for now, this is how its gonna be. I will keep this very simple blog, while sharing the other cool blogs with you, and then you all gonna be like "yeah, that one had flashy cool stuff, lets read that instead" ;)

Well, food done, raid nearly ready, Lunaire's messy post over and out. May the next post make more sense, until then, tata \o




28.apr.2010 kl.19:21

Moral of the story: Twitter is waaaaaay too distracting, yet awesome :)


28.apr.2010 kl.20:23

And that's why we all love it so much. ;)


28.apr.2010 kl.20:24

And for the record, I have no idea what language the post confirmation thing was in, but luckily I have some good guessing skills. Is that Norwegian?


28.apr.2010 kl.20:35

Psynister: Uhhh, can you please screenshot that? The blog platform is norwegian, so ive had to dive into the code and translate every single thing manually (boo). This must have slipped my eagle eyes! :<

And yay for twitter, now that i actually have people to follow and interact with \o/


28.apr.2010 kl.21:06

Alright, getting ready to screenshot it here...

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