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Hi, I'm a male tauren who happened to fall in love with a gnome girl. I wonder if you could help me out with some advice on this one. The feelings are mutual, but we are too embarassed to show it to the surroundings, as it feels quite inappropriate. Do you have any tips?

Hello Tauren! This sounds perfectly normal to me. There shouldn't be any bad feelings about this, but i do understand that some people might find it hard to deal with. When you are alone, i suggest you go with the shapes that suits you best, but in public you might want to organize something that takes the attention away from the obvious size difference. As we all know, size doesn't matter, but let's be honest, in your case it kind of does. What i would suggest is that you both stock up on Savory Deviate Delight and use this whenever you go out. This will allow you to seem more alike, and you can actually hold hands instead of you holding the entire girl in one hand, if you get my point. Another alternative is Noggenfogger Elixirs. You can simply pop one to shrink to a more convenient size, thus allow you both to enjoy one anothers real form. As a last option, i can mention Baby Spice too. It does the same trick as the Noggenfogger shrink effect, but only last for a short period of time, so it's not as convenient as the previous mentioned. Hope these tips help you, and good luck with your relationship.

Greetings. As a female draenei, i sometimes envy all the other humans (and human-like) races for their lovely feet. Well, not trolls, but you know, most others. They have petite feet with delicate toenails. I have hooves, and sometimes i'm just really ashamed of them. Years in the battlefield haven't helped either, and now i feel clueless when it comes to hoof-care. What would you think would be the best way to treat tired hooves, and how can i keep them decent even in the heat of the battle?

Hello there, fellow sister. First of all, i want you to know that there's nothing wrong with having hooves, and you should not be ashamed. However, there are some issues connected to hooves compared to normal feet. The main problem for healthy hoof-care is that they are exposed to tear and wear in a whole different way than other races feet. Since you cant fit them into boots, they will always be in contact with dirt, sharp edges, blood and other non-delicate stuff. The keyword here is preventing the inevitable, if that makes any sense. You know what your hooves will be exposed to during battles, so then you should try your best to prepare them for the exessive stress this causes. I would highly suggest Stonescale Oil to begin with. Make sure to cover your entire hoof, and rub it in thoroughly. This might not seem delicate, but it will help protect your hooves, especially against any scratches and similar problems. To make it look more appealing, you can apply some Sparkling Dust before the oil gets soaked up and dries. This will give your hooves a shiny look, and you would definetely feel proud of not wearing shoes. When it comes to after-care, the oil will have worked wonders, and all you should need to do is treat any wounds as you normally would, and then reapply the oil, and dust, if you like. Hooves are definetely hot, and this will surely draw the attention to them, in a good way. Good luck.

That was all for today. I hope all three of you got satisfying answers, and that the readers perhaps picked up some tips too. Do not hesitate if you want to ask me any questions for the next session. I answer any question related to beauty, relationships, fashion and much more. If you want to send in a question, please include your race, gender and class (class only if you think it's needed). Mail it to and i will take care of it. If you want some publicity of your own, you could add a link to your own site. If you don't have one, Armory works wonders too. Take care all, until we meet again for more questions and answers.




05.mai.2010 kl.13:31

This made me laugh *lol* Very good! I especially like the idea of the tauren and gnome dating. Maybe he could just tote her around and pretend it's a doll :P


05.mai.2010 kl.17:10

Saga: Thanks! \o/ Im a bit limitated when it comes to the all-serious posh RP (mostly due to me not being english), so im doing little silly pieces instead. I like to think of WoW characters as a bit "normal" also, and not only heroes of a great time, with no fear, legendary swords and well yeah, you get my point :p

You should think about your characters, maybe they are next in line for Christalynn's Corner!? ;)


05.mai.2010 kl.17:47

How can you openly condone having a relationship with a gnome FFS? Im an openly liberal kinda cow but this is just WRONG! That guy needs his horns removing, his Kodo impounded, and all Mulgore grazing rights removed!



05.mai.2010 kl.20:42

moomoo: I've never had a relationship with a gnome.. Well, not as a tauren anyway. But back when i was a slutty night elf? Let's just say the fish trick is a self-learned thing!

But, at Christalynn's Corner, everyone is welcome to ask what they may have on their hearts, she wont judge anyone. Unlike a certain someone i know... :p


06.mai.2010 kl.01:16

Thanks for a good piece of laugh, expecting to read more in a close future :D

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