Night Elves are Sluts

I swear, back when i was a night elf, i surely was a slut. I blame elf brain cells. When they are stuck in such a sexy body, they cant help but act up to anything even remotely related to sexual actions. Feronia/Lunaire the Night Elf was a slut. She was! I liked it, heheheh.. But now that i am a cow, things are different. No matter how hard i try, i feel like a sack of potatoes and not a sex machine. Urk, i dont like it at all! I miss my sex leg and long hair. I miss my pretty face and perfect boobs. As a cow it only looks like moobs. Sad story. But well, since im a nun now, compared to what i used to be, i often remince about the good old days. There were something like this:

Tauren, Undead, Dwarf, Draenei, Gnome (in disguise), Night Elf, Human, Troll (also in disguise) and uhm.. Ogre. That's my men alright! I have to say the ogre was a bit too much, if you get me. And the dwarf was too lazy. Undead was a nice experience, but a bit skinny. Human was alright but a tad short. Tauren was wicked when we were both shapeshifted. Gnome.. Er, yeah, that only worked for me when we both had eaten fish. Troll was cool, but in this pic he's fishy too. Moonkin on bear isnt recommendable, but by all means, if you are into that kind of shit, go ahead. It was like a once in a lifetime experience, you know. Draeneis, what to say. That tail can get pretty annoying, and im not into hooves. Shame as i have them myself now, but thats not the same, is it? Bear on human. Well, i wont elaborate. Do not attempt it at home, is all im going to say on that matter.

As a tauren im living like a nun, and looking at these pics, i realise it might be for the best. Or what do you think?




05.mai.2010 kl.22:19

I see you kept busy as a night elf! *lol* Nice pictures. I can agree though, as most horde females you don't feel remotely as sexy as you do on a nelf, or even human. Undead females are just.. odd.. taurens are.. hmm.. furry and huge. Trolls have weird hands! Orcs.. they're kinda cool but a bit too muscular for my taste.. and blood elves are pretty but they look like they'd break in half if you so much as poke them :P


05.mai.2010 kl.22:29

Female Tauren are sexy too! Who can resist that cute little dance they do? And that husky voice? Purrrrrrr!


05.mai.2010 kl.23:18

Night elfs<3


06.mai.2010 kl.01:02

Well you can always try to piss of a ally mage and get polymorphed into a sheep and jump on the first plane to Wales or Scotland. I've heard farmers giebs love to sheep over there *rofl*


06.mai.2010 kl.14:33

LOL :D Maybe get that trinket that turns you into opposite faction, then you have 5 minutes for some heavy fun without being a tauren?


07.mai.2010 kl.23:21

I never felt sexy as a tauren, but i have to admit the dance is quite nice! I think trolls are sexy, except their hands and feet, and undeads always appealed to me in a way :p

But night elves. Ahh, them slutty pretties! ;) Beca, that trinket was an exellent idea, why didnt i think of that?! Also, both could be belfs with the Magister's Terrace orb thing too! :D

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