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That's what i call it when the blogging dries up for a little while. I have an old friend sneaking up on me, work starts to wear on me, and im stressing with other stuff as well. The time just seem to run away! At least i got my alt up one more level yesterday, but she's also been stuck for a while now. I dont do anything at all on my main except raids, feels like there's not enough time. There are time of course, but i spend it sleeping mostly. Work, come home, sleep, raid, sleep, rinse and repeat.

Im 20 days away from payday and im broke. Exellent!

Ok, this picture had nothing to do with anything, i just added some random picture because it would make the post look better! Tonight is raid night. As we tried Saurfang heroic thursday (i wanted to kill myself slowly), i dont think there will be any progress stuff tonight. So i just hope for a swift, painless raid that ends early. Now that would've been sweet! Also i got the day off work tomorrow, yay!




10.mai.2010 kl.14:54

I know fully well how it feels when time just seem to run away from you. But you'll catch up, eventually :) I hope you get your nice, easy raid tonight like you're hoping!


11.mai.2010 kl.00:07

Nice blog :D I just searched for posts about gaming and found this. I play moonkin too by the way.

I've thought about making one blog for WoW and one personal blog, but at the moment I have one for both, but I don't think any WoW interested people read my blog anyway.


11.mai.2010 kl.01:25

Rax: Argh!! WTB your boots, trinkets and bracers. They are SO out of my reach x.x Trinkets havent dropped a single time, neither on normal or heroic i think. And the cloth goes to.. well.. clothies (suprise)! Even Nibelung stopped dropping after i joined, just as if to mock me, lol..

I also used to have two blogs, but i found out that IRL blogging was boring (nothing happens IRL except binge drinking on saturdays), and WoW is much more fun to blog about, especially when you're getting into the community (english + twitter = win) :) Always glad to hear from fellow gamers, might i also suggest Beca's blog ->


11.mai.2010 kl.03:25

I didn't see many of those items before we killed the bosses on heroic, even then I had to wait and wait and I collected more and more dkp, so when they finally dropped I had enough to all I wanted :P Like the Sindragosa trinket dropped on first kill, but never saw it on normal. Lucky there, cause I hate that boss so much..

Sucks if cloth only goes to clothies, when it's BiS for so many other classes, even holy paladins take cloth. It's not like we need armor for PvE O.o So cloth is fine.

Ye, IRL isn't very exciting.. I kinda want to make another blog for WoW where I can talk about anything gaming related without having to explain what a raid, boss etc is it to non gamers. But I'm not happy with my current blog, so think I gonna work more on that one.. Really want a design like you got here :( Did you make it or? If I try to put in my own codes etc it just turns out weird :P Just want one like this you got, but different colors and header.


11.mai.2010 kl.12:11

Rax: Being lucky with drops can be alpha and omega. Some others as well have been waiting for this ONE item for months, and never seen it. Quite lame. Also i reckon you raid more often than we do, cus your progress beats us by far, and that also helps. We're not close to Sindra HM yet at least, thats for sure :p Well not in 25-man anyway, but thats where the trinket is from!

On the design part, i replied on your blog :)

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