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A fellow blogger, Anea, got this great idea, and it was too good to not do anything about! The idea is to take a screenshot, add fitting lyrics and post it. Simple as that! It can be funny, meaningful, silly, hilarious, sad or clever. Whatever you imagine, really. I didnt manage to only do one, so here are the ones i made for this little blog game :)

The Elf and the Ogre - A Love Story (or was it really "love"..?)

Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys

Results May Vary vs. The Lich King (on a bad day)

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Salsa = Danger! Especially For Gnomes!

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor

This one needs no further introduction, i think?


Okay, that was my contribution to the game, what's yours? :)

Ok, can add the ones that i know of who also did the screenshot + lyrics thingie! Enjoy!
Anea - Oh look, an alt!
Saga - Spellbound
Vrykerion - Oddcraft
Jaedia - The Lazy Sniper
Alas - Kiss My Alas (now this really cracked me up)
The Murloc Hut
Tribeca - Beca Blog
Lissandra - Restokin
@Quietambition (no blog, only on twitter)



11.mai.2010 kl.04:45


I really like the second screenshot and the music pairing - very complementary.


11.mai.2010 kl.07:52

Fulgte opp trenden med en screenie og lyrics vi ogs ;)


11.mai.2010 kl.14:39

Muse <3

Other than Muse love - I really enjoyed your screenshots and music pairings. The ogre picture is great too *lol* Tsk tsk your nelf really DID get around :P


11.mai.2010 kl.15:38

Saga: Haha, yeah, i cant believe the amount of screenies i posess, and how many of them involving her being naughty in some way, rofl! And Muse.. <3 Seeing them live for the first time this year, im so extatic!!! Hooray for festival life, Muse and beer! :D


11.mai.2010 kl.22:00

I followed your example with 4 :D


14.mai.2010 kl.21:39

Nu har jeg ordna egen side for WoW ogs for separere ut min personlige whining fra Wow *lolz* M vel prve ut den screenshot med musikk jeg og med tiden (hadde jeg skjnt ssen dere fr opp bare musikk linja istedet for hele videobildet *ler*)


14.mai.2010 kl.23:53

PlainTom: Nr du bruker embed, s er det bare endre p pikslene. Siden jeg bruker 600 width kutter jeg ned til det, ogs passer det da med 25 px hyde :) Det var vel egentlig det eneste hokus-pokus med de sm linjene! ;) Den nye bloggen er adda til feedersiden, s da blir det bra ^^ Ulduar videoene var KONGE!


15.mai.2010 kl.01:39

Har starta surfe mer p youtube i det siste s jeg kommer nok til poste nr jeg finner noe jeg liker :) Ble selv veldig imponert over Ulduar videoene. Finner stadig flere som lager flotte videoer s det er masse velge fra :D

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