Oh how frustrated you can get when being in a raid that doesnt really work out well. Feels like there's been some issues here and there lately, and it makes me sit behind my screen feeling really sour and grumpy. I want to shout and yell on vent, and i dont even bother to pretend i like people. Being polite? Why should i, when people play like they have never set foot in a raid before. Sigh. Raid experience isnt something you buy on ebay or get from raiding ICC only. And ears, they are placed on your heads for a reason. To let sound flow into your head, transmit sounds to something your brain recognizes as meaningful sentences, and then use those words to expand your sense of what (and what not) to do.

Im not really motivated enough to blog lately, have been like this for a little while now. I hope it comes back, as i like to blog, but i just dont have any ideas atm. And i cba to write a blog post about nothing, just to write one, sort of.

Ah well. Tomorrow is WoW-free. Only beer and booze! Hah, thats at least never wrong. And if people annoy you IRL, at least you can slap them! Joking, but it sure is tempting now and then :p Im a bit awful like that. If someone did anything to annoy me, i hardly ever forget it. And if they didnt really even do anything to annoy me, and i still get annoyed, its the same thing. Horrible! Can stand in the queue at the supermarket and just look at someone and like "damn, he annoys me". And then he didnt do a thing, i just got annoyed by looking at him! I think i need to work on that, lol..

To finish with, i want to mention someone who doesnt annoy me! Phee!!! <3 Totally out of the blue she sent me this on msn:

So, that was really cute! Alliance-Phee waving to ex Alliance-Lunaire! Had to drop everything in my hands and wave back, the damn fish feast had to wait ^^

Boomkins can be silly cute at times. Times like these :)




15.mai.2010 kl.18:21

chickenwave > fish feasts any day


16.mai.2010 kl.02:04

I hope everything will get better. I know ALL about frustrating raids!

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