Lunaire's Walk Down Memory Lane //RP//

We have all been there. Outland. Some of us enjoyed it more than others, but in the end of the day, I think most of us are too busy to truly appreciate our surroundings when we are out and about. I have not had any buisness in Outland for a long, long time, and to be honest, when i did spend day after day there, I never really took my time just sucking in all the different impression this place gives you. I wanted to come back, now that I am getting so used to all the stunningly beautiful nature Northrend provides. Have i gone blind for what Outland offers, or can the place still give me the chills if i go to the right places?

To find out, i took the portal from Dalaran to Shattrath City. Very convenient, that one. I do have to admit that i could also have used the Blessed Medallion of Karabor to start out at Black Temple, but I thought starting in the city was more fitting, if you get what I mean. So then I suddenly found myself in Shattrath once again. Can not say I have had any desires to come here again after I spent so much time here a while back, but I had to start somewhere.

So which place would I first visit? Maybe a place that really brings back memories. Back when Shattrath was the city "everyone" were at, I often flew out to fish in the high lakes of Terokkar Forest. Not only did I make a profit of fishing and cooking nice and useful meals, I was also on the hunt for the mysterious Mr. Pinchy. Rumors had it that if you managed to fish up Mr. Pinchy, he would grant you three wishes. I remember I was eager to find out if this was true or not, so i spent hour upon hour at the lakes to find out. I can still remember the day he suddenly came up from the water with my bobber in his claw. "Be careful with this, I'd prefer to keep my eyes intact, you know". I felt ashamed. Of course i had not thought about the fact that I could hurt him with my hook. But he was not mad. This was something he was used to, he could tell me, so I needed not to worry. Instead he proved the rumours true when he asked me to wish for something. I was not sure of what to wish for, so I asked for something that would aid me in combat. At that time, we worked really hard to clear up The Eye, and eventually get rid of Kael'thas the Sunstrider, so I thought that i would wish for something that would aid this great cause.

Long story short, he granted me things to help me, and this I found so convenient that i kept on fishing there even when I did not need anything spesific. I do not have a good explanation to what happened next, but after a few months, and several meetings, he told me he was tired of just staying down in the lake. I did not know what to say to this, but I proposed for him to come along as my companion, so he could get a chance to see the world outside the lake. "An exellent idea!" he said, and from that day on, he always followed me as one of my dearest companions.

So, that was the background story on why I chose this exact place on my trip to Terokkar Forest. I have to admit that I did not plan for this part to get so long, but I got a bit carried away. Well, let us move on to the next location I went to. I mounted up and chosed to cross the border to Shadowmoon Valley. There was a place I had not been in quite the long time, and since it was a place that had great influence on me as a person, it would be the perfect place to visit.

We flew east, over ruins and buring grounds, made a little stop at the top of the volcano known as Hand of Gul'dan, and then moved on to the destination I picked out for Shadowmoon Valley. The Black Temple, or the Temple of Karabor as it was once known as. The battles we fought at this place did not go all smooth, and both friends and foes lost lives in the battle against Illidan Stormrage. I remember how we worked our way through the sewers to enter the temple, and further on through the courtyard before we could enter the inner areas. Many obsticles were in the way, and the whole process of clearing up the temple took several months. But all of this is now history. We destroyed Illidan and moved on to other challenges, and the temple soon was nothing but a vast memory from the past. Yet, I always keep the medallion with me, to remind me of what once was. For the Outland tour, i flew up in front of the gates and made a little pose that I felt was only appropriate. Like a salute for my friends who were laid to rest because of the battle within the citadel.

The size of the temple still amaze me, and while coming back left me with mixed feelings, I could not spend the entire day there. It was time to move on, in every meaning. I mounted up again and headed north-west to reach Hellfire Peninsula. To fly this route has always called for chills, as flying through the Twisting Nether is not a very pleasent thing to do. But it is the shortest route after all, so with that much time saved, it was nothing else to do than summon inner strength and keep my mount calm, and we would eventually reach the edge of Hellfire.

As we were getting closer, I could not help but notice the sky above us. That has always been one of the prettiest things in all of Outland. The sky. All the beautiful colors, the distant planets and moons, the magnificent auroras and the storms high up through the sfere. It takes my breath away. Instead of visiting a spesific place in Hellfire Peninsula, I just wanted to look at the sky. I did that a lot back when I was around Ouland ages ago, and I have to say, it still impresses me as much now as it did back then. I would urge all of you to take the trip back to Outland now and then, just to look at the sky. How can someone not find this mind-soothing and calming for the soul?

It sure makes you think about how small and innoticable we are in this amazingly created world, does it not? I could sit on that mountain top forever, but there was simply not enough time for that. There were several zones left to visit, so I had to move on. Flying straight north i headed for Netherstorm. This called for another flight through the Twisting Nether, and this time we nearly got lost. Luckily we managed to find the right direction and reach Netherstorm, but it took a while. Once there, it only took me a short while to decide where to go. It had to be the Tempest Keep. So many memories attatched to that place. I chosed to fly up, do a little jump and get The Eye as the scenery view. Much time spent in Tempest Keep. Much more than i bargained for, but there were things to be done there, for the very best of all of Azeroth. Coming back did not leave a good taste in my mouth, and i did not stay for long.

If nothing else, this place is at least beautifully made. The architecture, colors and everything else has always made me gasp in awe. Great minds were behind this, that is for sure. When that is said, I am glad I dont have to enter that place ever again.

Next stop on the trip around Outland was Blade's Edge Mountains. I had no idea where to go when i reached the borders. Truth is that I never fancied this place. Not then, and sadly not now either. All the spiked mountains, the dirt and dust, ogres and vicious beasts. No, this place never catched me like some of the other places in Outland. Still, I was determined to visit one location in each zone, so there was no exception to this either. I randomly flew here and there, scouting for a good place to land. I chosed The Crystalspine and landed at Furywings Perch. No dragon around, so i decided to just do something silly here. The previous places i had visited were all full of memories, and some of them were far from pleasent.

One cannot be serious all the time, so I placed myself on one of the dragons eggs and made silly poses. If the hellboar nearby had enough brains to process what it saw, it would most likely shake its head and think "pff, tourists".

Playing with the egg was fun, but I could not stay the entire day. I mounted up once again, and headed south. Zangarmarsh was the next zone to visit, and here I did not have much problems finding a spot to visit. It had to be the Coilfang Reservoir. I jumped off the mount in flight, dived into the water and swam through the tunnel as I had been doing ack so many times before. When i reached the opening inside, i ran straight for the only entrance that mattered to me. The entrance to Serpentshrine Caverns. We laid the fearful Lady Vashj to rest here, and even though it was absolutely needed, I feel uneasy. There has been rumours related to the naga and their place in our world, and I am not sure that killing the lady would be appreciated amongst that kin. Time will show what this mean.

After showing off outside the entrance, i swam back out and called for my faithful mount once again. Together we flew to my favourite zone in all of Outland. How can anyone not like Nagrand? This lush place, so green and blue, with a healthy animal life compared to many of the other places in Outland. There was many places I could have visited here, but I had to make it easy for myself, so the choice fell on Garadar. The town lies between the Throne of Elements to the north-east and Halaa to the south-west. The surroundings are beautiful, both to the north towards the lake and even the town itself feels safe and likeable. Now, of course members of the Alliance will have problems reaching this spot, but you can still fly around the town, or high above it.

That was all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe you want to take a trip around Outland yourself, to see what you did not see the last time you were there. It is so easy to be too focused to notice what is around you, and it really is a shame. The world we live in is far from dull and boring, so try to experience it while you can!

And if you wondered, use (or abuse) of Dire Brew is the reason why i look like i do here. I get easily tired of my looks, you see. Anything that transform you into something else for a limited amount of time, you can be sure i have some in my bags.



16.mai.2010 kl.21:39

I do visit Outland pretty often. The gems'n ores'n stuffz from TBC sells like wildfire on the auction house and is one of my main income sources :D

Have given up on the stupid Mr.Pinchy for now tho... got one once and got 3 angry claw lobster dude attacking me. 1 for each wish...


16.mai.2010 kl.21:46

The dorf look suits you! Well or at least it looks cool :P Nice piece. I don't spend much time in Outlands these days either - unless I'm levelling another alt and I find that your time in Outland is very short these days. You go from 58 to 68 very very quickly!


16.mai.2010 kl.22:48

Dorf <3 I rarely spend time anywhere else than Dalaran and Icecrown Citadel really, so i liked this weeks shared topic. I think we so easily forget what great game this really is. All the different spots, some with "secrets" and history, or just some odd details. So much to see, so little time! Or rather "so much to see, but im so damn lazy" ;)


18.mai.2010 kl.08:03

Ah, Nr jeg er ferdig i Kalimdor (aldri?! /cry) skal jeg ta Outland skikkelig, har nesten ikke vrt der med magen min, da jeg levlet den var det kun lvl 80 og northrend jeg tenkte p ;)


20.mai.2010 kl.07:51

Lovely pics :) It's nice to go back and see the old haunting grounds of Outlands, isn't it!

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