Ironforge Airport and Old Ironforge

Yesterday i did some exploring again, and was thrilled to find out that you can still visit Ironforge Airport and Old Ironforge! Went to the Airport with a guildie (and also visited the highest mountain top above Ironforge), and later on i went into Old Ironforge alone. Had to log a gnome on some other server, else it wouldn't have worked, sadly. I have been writing a blog post a while ago about something similar, but the old one also got some other places in it too. You can check it out here.

Yesterday in pictures

This is us at the highest point. Note the flag placed by the Explorers' League (also known as the Explorers' Guild). Seems them dwarves didn't only explore places under the earths surface, or places filled with titans and er something. Thanks to Greyseer for providing me with this information. I had never been here as a horde before, so was suprised when a guard suddenly ran up the hill to kill us. Well, he tried at least.

I had to take this screenshot as it is pretty much identical to the one i took on my first visit :D You can see the original one here.

On our way down to the farms beneath the Airport, we both died a horrible death and had to try to get back up. That, we didn't. Hello auto unstuck, time to get to the Spirit Healer. Allthough we used it at the same spot, he got teleported to somewhere in Wetlands, while i got the graveyard outside Ironforge. Weird.

So, my other trip of the day. Old Ironforge! This is one of my favourite places in-game. Together with the Airport i mean. The thought of Blizzard adding these hidden things are quite cool, and i have to say i like exploring them. Right before i went through the wall it looked like this (picture above and under, just two different angles).

I didn't take any pictures inside, dont ask me why. I made a move though! And im logged out there, so gonna take some screenies too i guess.

Then the last thing that happened. I commented on a twitter update about something, and someone else replied with RAFO something. I was clueless, but it got me thinking about the Recruit a Friend thing, so randomly i checked that site. And bam, i had a mount to claim :o This friend was recruited in August 2008, and he stopped playing after a month or so, as it was his second account. I tried to convince him to pay for one more month so i could get the mount, but after a while i didnt get anywhere with him so i gave up. Seems he payed after all, but didnt tell me, lol. Too bad i didnt know a little earlier so i could get the zhevra and the rocket. As i think you could get both from one referral, or? Dont know. The rocket is cool at least, i can carry a guy with me! :D And of course, i can eject him mid-air, bwahahahaa!!

The Old Ironforge Tour

My video editing skillz are strictly limited, and i only use Windows Live Movie Maker, so well, its not gonna get an Oscar for directing, acting or anything else in the near future. But that wasnt the point either, the point was just to show the place :)

Have you been to any of these places? If so, which place did you enjoy the most? Or if you havent been to anywhere "hidden", where would you like to go?



19.mai.2010 kl.15:30

You can't get both mounts with a single RAF, but if you haven't claimed the zhevera then you can claim the rocket instead without having to RAF again (like you did).


19.mai.2010 kl.15:53

I have been to many places like that aswell, got loads of screenshots, maybe I should make a post about it too :D


19.mai.2010 kl.17:17

Psynister: Ahh right. Well then i am glad i took the rocket i guess, as i doubt ill ever manage to find another person to recruit, hehe :p


20.mai.2010 kl.13:43

I wants rockets too! *whines like a proper girl* I even had a friend recruited, but they stopped playing and then activated their account again with 1 month re-curring.. and the second month paid ended up being after the accounts stopped being linked *sniff* So no rocket for me. At least not until I can convince some other poor fool to go for an account! Old IF.. gief screenshots or tell me how to get there.. cause I've never been :)


20.mai.2010 kl.15:28

Only place I went is the island south of Tanaris that is a part of the AQ scepter quest line. I actually went there for the first time when we did the quest for Shin many years ago. I managed to reach the island first among the 20 ppl that were racing (it was around 4 AM, we started the quest line around 8 PM and kept on going through various places during hours, fun times, one of my best wow memories) and I was the only one that managed to do it w/o dying of fatigue :P Sea form ftw ! A lock who SSed himself (Lobo) arrived a bit after me and we started to summon a whole raid ^^

I have never explored any place that requires "exploit" or weird climbing (old IF, top of IF, trolls, Hyjal...) because I am hem, too lazy for that, even if I would love to see those places myself one day. I keep telling me that one day I'll do it, but well, I'm less and less sure about that :P And in a few months we'll be able to fly over Azeroth, so I guess most of those places will be easily reachable or will be removed.


20.mai.2010 kl.15:46

It's not really exploiting to get to those hidden places.. Like the troll village is so simple, same with under Karazhan cause it's a hole there. And the cave and tauren house south of Silithus you just have to swim, same with Quel'thalas. Will make a post about those places soon.


20.mai.2010 kl.16:03

Rax: I feel exploiting is more like taking advantage of glitches or bugs to earn something useful, sort of. Going to see places only feels like exploring, and after all, Blizzard put odd things up at odd places. Wonder if they just get slightly amused when they see people getting there :p Would be cool if you made a post too, as it seems you've been to a couple of places i havent.


20.mai.2010 kl.16:06

Saga: If you click the youtube video and chose "show on youtube" or whatever it says, i have a link in the movie description. Click that one and you get a short walkthrough. It wasnt hard at all! I came in the "duel way" when i was there a couple of years ago, but i dont think that one works anymore. All you need is to have a gnome, and you're set!


20.mai.2010 kl.17:25

Check my Youtube channel:

Scroll down in my videos and find Stormscale explorers. It's only screenshots like a slide show, made it years ago, but some of the places are really hard to get to now. Let me know what you think.


26.mai.2010 kl.20:34

LOL! I had no idea we were on the same server! :D


26.mai.2010 kl.22:56

Mona: Woot, me neither, haha :D


27.mai.2010 kl.07:19

Hehe, suddenly just strolling around in Dala, there u were! Lol :P

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