So, im still banging my head against the wall when it comes to blog updates. No energy left for blogging, and the sad part is that i dont even feel like i can read other blogs either. I watch my feeder and the mini-feed within blogg.no, and i see topics that seems interesting, but i just cannot get myself to click the links and actually read them.


Can at least throw in an update on guild progress. We're working on Lady Deathwisper heroic on 25-man, and LK heroic on 10-man. Most of us 10-man crew members have now got their mounts, so thats cool! Several got it yesterday, and me and two others got it today. Its a pretty cool mount, i have to admit.

I was in London this weekend, as some of you might know, and the trip was nice. I got terribly sunburned, rented a rowing boat in Hyde Park, strolled around British Museum alone and drak lots of blended caramel frappuchinos from Starbucks. Also, we went to Rainforest Cafe (typical family place where kids have their birthday parties etc) and ordered a pitcher of sangria. And then we walked out pretty tipsy and satisfied, because it was damn good sangria as well!

Well, now i cant be bothered with writing more. I hope i didnt lose all my readers :( I promise to blog more when im back to my normal self again! Now: picture time!

And some pics from London as well :)

This is my awful sunburn, accompanied by a grumpy face as a response to PAIN!

A mandatory tourist pic, in front of Buckingham Palace. This was the day my ghostly pale skin got molested by the sun!

And this is me in Hyde Park :) With my Starbucks nom-nom of course!




27.mai.2010 kl.00:05

Grattis :D *sjalu p mount*


27.mai.2010 kl.00:29

Congratulations on your mount. It's such an awesome looking one too! Glad you had a great time in London. I'd love to go back these myself one of these days, but I haven't really had the money for it lately.


27.mai.2010 kl.13:03

Saga: Let me know if you go back late june! Im gonna be around alone before or after Glastonbury! :p

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