Did it die..?

Guess it didnt. The blog i mean. It was on its way to a slow death, but that would admittedly be quite sad. So what have i been doing lately?

Christalynn, my former baby warlock is now a fully grown warlock. Even got some epics. Not many, not imba ones, but its epics. Hello, epics? She has two specs, demo and destro, and even though people claim destro to be easier, i prefer demo. Im a bad demon, yeah!

Guild is working on Sindragosa 25H atm, best try was 16% but then we lost focus and in the end had to kill her normal and move on. Hope she's going down next week! Then it would only be PP left (not counting LK really). The 10 mans only have LK-H left, and i think he will go down soon enough. Sadly ive been quite busy IRL so i couldnt come friday and yesterday. And not tonight. And not friday. Suuuucks!

And soon, im off to England for 2 weeks, so then bai raiding for a bit. Gonna lose all my attendance, boo.

Anyway. Hope i can find some motivation to start updating more often again. Until then, see you!




09.jun.2010 kl.12:11

Sindragosa is so annoying :P Still hate that boss after all our tries and wipes on her -.- Have fun in England! Miss your blogging. Btw, Check my blog for the hidden places in WoW thingy, if you like :P


09.jun.2010 kl.12:20

Rax: Doh, i did actually a while back, but forgot to comment!! I liked the posts, especially since we had been to some different places. The kara smiley, for instance, i never saw that one! Tried to climb Mt. Hyjal walls once too, but never managed in time :p And i like the Cata stuff you put up! Just some cookie sprinkles, not big spoilers <3


09.jun.2010 kl.14:41

Yeah, need moar updates :-(

With the 20% buff, putri HM is now easier than Sindra HM btw, this should cheer you up.

Have fun in England ! (what are you going to do exactly btw, if you don't mind me asking :P)


09.jun.2010 kl.16:43

Moose: Hm, maybe so. Idk if we're trying both next week, but seems like we're gonna focus on Sindra.

England.. Glastonbury!! And some couch surfing with randoms :p

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