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I have nothing to write about, but wanted to just make an update. So eh, yes. Here it is. Lock was in ICC10 yesterday, with blues and 1 heirloom. Pushed shit dps, like really shit. And no cloth dropped at all. I mean hello, nothing at all?? Ive been busy with guests the whole week so havent had time to play much. And also, theres raid, raid and raid. Im so very tired of it and i will cut down on a few things soon. Today its exactly one week til im leaving, and then im away for 2 weeks holiday. After that, LK 10 HC better die, else i have to just face that i wont see that fight end well. No energy left for ICC25 after all the 10 mans. 10 mans are supposed to be fun, but it havent been in ages. The alt run yesterday was, even though we wiped a fair bit. It was all okay, since it was alts.

Anyway, need to run for work now, take care all!




14.jun.2010 kl.14:43

Two weeks holiday sound divine. I want some too!

I'm pretty tired of raiding too, but I'll keep at it for the time being. Sadly it means I have even less incentive to do any PUGs or alt raids on my alts. I wouldn't mind doing something other than tanking in a raid once in a while - so maybe I should try to re-activate an evening of alt raiding in the guild. I just don't know if I have the energy *lol*

Have fun on vacation :)

14.jun.2010 kl.19:32

Christalynn best warlock eu


15.jun.2010 kl.12:19

Umm 10 mans on Heroic LK wiping is not fun - it's progression :P


16.jun.2010 kl.00:00

You didnt write that you were surprised by the amazing tanking of Patulous!!:D
jokin ofc!!i loved the raid....was the first raid for me after a loong stop !!lets keep our alts rockin!


16.jun.2010 kl.17:25

Well, i enjoyed the alt raid as well! It was silly and full of some REALLY careless wipes, but i wasnt stressed and grumpy the whole run, like i tend to get on the serious ones, hehe :p

Onewinged: yes, i know, im just so tired. Sooo very tired. Clich. Hah!

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