Back on Track (i hope)!

Things have been rather silent lately, and not all of it was due to me entering the huge blog desert that sucks your blog energy away. I was tired of the game, of myself, of everything, and i felt i had nothing to blog about really. Of course i did have stuff i could write about, but i just didnt care. I wanted to quit raiding because it drained me and left me in a bad mood, but in the end of the day i do like to raid, and i do like this guild, so i guess a couple of morons cant take that away from me!

But, the absence wasnt only boredom, ive been on holiday as well. London, Glastonbury, London, Cambridge, London. Phew! Have been a good two weeks, but now im ready for my own bed, my computer, WoW and everything else that is home to me. Hopefully this have given me a fresh start when it comes to the blog, as i was so sad i didnt update more frequently lately. I love this blog, so i wont give it up. Also, there are so many interesting new things incoming to the game, so there should be plently of material to chose from!
Now im crossing my fingers for a beta key. Probably wont get one, like last year, as in always unlucky with that, but hey, can always hope. I did have beta last year, however, as someone handed me a key anyway, cough cough :p Maybe ill get bored of beta as soon as ive seen all the new stuff, who knows. Im more curious than passionate.
So, end of post. Wonder if a certain french dude ordered the SCII CE box?? ;)



03.jul.2010 kl.18:29

I did :P Preordered it a few weeks ago, so I'll get it the day it's out, or the day after. But...when do you visit France ? xD

Happy to see you post again, getting away from home a few weeks and having a great time during holidays (and it seems you had some in England if I believe facebook :P) is indeed the best way to renew interest in other things that start to get boring, like hem, wow or work ^^

I'm currently in Netherlands for work and I spend the week end here to visit The Hague, sadly it's raining like no tomorrow (and it was sunny the whole week while we were working, go figure...), I hope i'll be better tomorrow :-)


06.jul.2010 kl.23:05

Moose: Ahh, sweet-o! ^^ Im visiting France like uhm, uhhhm, hopefully at some point this year. Have like 3 invitations to Paris now, lol.. But then there's that little thing called "money" and atm i dont have that much after my recent trip :x And ive been given shitloads of weekend work as well until Aug/Sep, so we'll see around there!

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