Help, my name is on the forums?!!! (+ holiday pics)

RealID will be used on forums. You post something, and your name will show. There, now i said it. Personally i dont give a shit. My name isnt that unusual, and either way i dont really care if someone sees it. Random people hear it when i call someone while on the bus, and introduce myself. Or maybe they are behind me in some queue somewhere, and see me fill in papers with my name on it. Or maybe a random person overhears me presenting myself to someone. Now, people IRL and online arent the same, you say. But still, people IRL can be as bad (or good) as onliners. Not everyone online is a nutter, and while you certainly do have them around, they are present IRL too.

Okay, enough on that topic, im tired of it already, after Twitter have been flooded with pros and cons all day now. I understand that some people dread this, and that they dont want their name in the open. Also some arent allowed to post on forums under their real name due to work conflicts. And some are perhaps just scared of 12 year olds googling them after getting ganked, and then receive poop in the mail after having their adress looked up. I dont know. I guess we'll have to wait and see how this turns out. Will be a shame if many of the good contributers we have would bail. People who come up with guides and realm introductions, those keeping statistics and progress lists. I would miss those, but if people make a choice not to post, thats something that has to be respected, and its up to the rest of us to carry it on. Maybe they can contact someone who wont mind their ID out who can post it on their behalf, and ofc leave a link to their blog or Twitter account, or simply their armory link? That wouldnt be so bad :)

On a totally different note, here and here is the pictures from my holiday if anyone is interested. Its an awful lot, so dont come whine to me afterwords, when you got tired of looking at me under bridges ten times, or looking at Glastonbury crowds innummerous times as well. Enjoy or dont, simple as that ^^ Have a nice evening all. And damn you Blizzard for taking my realm down ALL DAY when i have a day off. Guess i can spend some time cleaning up my flat. At the moment it looks like something Fry would move into, and then you can imagine. If you cant, then you havent watched enough Futurama. And if you havent, shame on you!



07.jul.2010 kl.12:01

This real ID stuff is going to be a complete failure :P Many people will just stop posting on official forums for the simple reason they don't want google to reveal they play an MMO, especially to (potential) employers.


07.jul.2010 kl.13:57

Moose: Indeed, i see that point. Mostly a shame that playing an MMO is so much worse than playing football really. A hobby is a hobby, and unless your hobby is to kill kittens, it shouldnt affect your application to a new job. But ofc, there will always be boring old farts googling to see what his potential new secretary spends her spare time on. Or if she just has some nudes up.

The fact that other WoW players can google you, i dont care much about, im not paranoid :p

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