Dragons, rawr!

The new raid instance was released when i was on holiday, but since we only raid twice a week the guild hadnt done it yet when i came back. On monday we went there after LK and it only took us a few tries to get a kill. The fight isnt too bad imo. Got the classical dragon shiz, dont find yourself stuck up his ass or nostrils, move out of fire and run away when bad stuff happens. And of course it includes portals as the Sartharion encounter. Have seen a few dragons in WoW by now, and i think this is around the middle of my Dragon Coolness Scale.

1. Kalecgos
2. Felmyst
3. Sartharion
3. Halion
4. Nightbane
5. Onyxia
6. Malygos
7. Sindragosa

Malygos was annoying. Really annoying. Booo! Kalecgos was cool, and Felmyst too! Sindragosa is awfully boring. Even on heroic its turning my brain into mush, gah, how i hate her!!

Maybe i forgot some dragons now, but well, so be it. Also the pit lords are dragon-ish, but only in looks!

Nice kill on the last one, right?? :D Dragons, either you love them or hate them. Mostly i love them ^^




09.jul.2010 kl.11:00

Whaaat ? No reference to Nefarian, Vaelastrasz, Razorgore, Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor, Lethon, Emeriss, Ysondre, Taerar or Sapphiron ? Shame on you, young druidess :D

My 3 favorite dragon encounters are mmmh, Vaelastraz, Nefarian and Kalecgos, and the 3 I disliked the most are Sindragosa, Sindragosa, and Sindragosa :P

Gz for the kill, I haven't had the chance to try it myself yet, it looks fun :)


09.jul.2010 kl.11:19

Woops, and I forgot the first of them, the first dragon boss I ever killed, the legendary Azuregos. Sweet memories of corpse run zerging :D


09.jul.2010 kl.19:08

Moose: You DO know i didnt raid pre-BC so most of them are out of the question! I did some of them later (as also pic tells) but not worth mentioning since the fight is then not the same as it used to be when you were tuned :p Sapphiron i forgot tho, thats completely right! Hehe ;) I guess somewhere below middle.


11.jul.2010 kl.08:43

I know, thus the "young druidess", just couldn't resist to tease you a bit :P Most of my memories of those vanilla fights are probably affected by nostalgia though, but thinking about Vael, Nef, Ragnaros, Cthun, or original Naxx still gime me goose bumps, especially Vael, it was 3 minutes of pure Adrenaline Rush <3


14.sep.2010 kl.01:07



14.sep.2010 kl.01:08

OMG! My druid is on your website! I feel honored!

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