Progress at last!

After a long summer with hardly any progress at all, im pleased to announce that RMV has laid both the professor and the dragon to rest this reset! We nailed Putricide thursday and Sindragosa today. I feel we're back on track, and im happy i didnt leave the guild a few weeks ago, which i was really close to doing. Will be hard to find a guild as good as this that only raids 2 days a week, so i want to stay as long as we dont fall apart!

Well, yeah, nothing else to update, pics to follow:

Results May Vary has proven itself worthy of its name, but what else can you expect from a guild that raids only 2 days a week. Key persons missing one of the raids, someone not on the top of their game, lots of things can happen as we then struggle with half of the designated raid time. Next stop is Halion heroic, and i hope we wont wipe for as long there as we have did on these two bastards!




03.aug.2010 kl.18:51

You know i had a feeling you were thinking about leaving!!! Little rascal!! Its not easy in a 2 day guild. Not only does it test your own skill but it also puts great strain on your resolve too. The pressure not to fail can be so high cus when we do we effectively lose half a week. We got where we deserve i believe and we met expectations. I am convinced Sindy would have gond down a month earlier if we had not lost key players and had new recruits at the time we started her. Also some dreadful connections kinda screwed us and due to low resources we couldnt replace them.

Im really happy though. Im proud at what weve done. :)

Is that the "skinner addon that makes your achieve pop up look purdy like that?


03.aug.2010 kl.18:54

HAHAHA I also just noticed that you are Dead in the Putri Pic with the Immortal title :P Kinda irony at its best :)


04.aug.2010 kl.16:37

moomoo: Also notice my damage landing as i died, it wasnt my fault at all, true story!! Im immortal only when i feel like it, and when other things dont kill me, hehe ;) Im glad we got back on track, but its been a long summer for me, mostly wanting to slit my wrists and cry out loud ever second of the raids, but well, this was good, now i dont want 3 months of wiping on Halion heroic plx!!

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