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Got Starcraft 2 today, and i have to say its pretty cool so far!

I even see a dancing night elf!! :D

Anyway, cba to write much now, im off to bed. So long, suckers!



11.aug.2010 kl.15:09

Nice ! You got the collector edition for the pet ? :-)

Did 15 missions in hard so far, I like the game, very nostalgic for me as it was the first mutiplayer game I played, 10 years ago :P

And breaking news, I killed the LK 10 HM yesterday, I was healing infest, /flex ! we have LK25 HM at 23%, so should die very soon :-) gl on Hallion !


20.aug.2010 kl.17:13

Where r u, need moar news !

(ps : we got LK25HM down last night \o/)


11.sep.2010 kl.22:14

I actually like sc2 better than WoW these days :P Pure awesomeness... been waiting for it for liek 12 years so I guess it was about time. Still suck tho in my bronze league on solo play... but feel a bit more awesome in team league :D

Today I cheesed a player with photon cannons in his base and he had the oddasity to get mad at me with caps (he started out trying it on me a minute earlier and failed).


10.jan.2011 kl.22:14

Snygg site!

Astrid Sjaastad

29.jan.2011 kl.22:10


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