Whaddyaknow?? A blog post! Damn, has been a good while since the last one. I just hit the blog wall, or something like that. So whats happened since the last time i gave you sweet, sweet updates?

I was horde, then i was ally nelf, and now im ally worgen. Hopping servers trying to find a guild i can settle in, and hopefully ive found it now. The server progress is awful compared to the other realms ive been on (sorry guys, it really is), but tradechat is readable and people are in general much nicer here! I liked to be able to pug anything, hardmode or not, but then again, i like nice people too.

My guild is now Jane Doe on Terokkar EU, and im in a raid group called Mutilate. Thats right, this guild has several raid teams, like guilds within the guild! Also with this many members we level quickly and there's someting for everyone, which is good.

Hmm, well.. Ill see if i maybe start to update this blog more regularely again. Probably down to 0 readers now too, so just have to wait and see :p

Yep, this is me now. All doggylike and cool. Yo yo, bai!




07.feb.2011 kl.16:08

Still 1 reader, I almost lost hope waiting for updates tho :P

Gl in your new guild ! But damn, worgen look <<< NE look =/ At least it's still better than tauren...


10.feb.2011 kl.14:53

Moose: Wooo, one reader!! Well, tauren were shit. Dark chapter of my life, lets not talk about it. Worgens have a nice body, very sexy. But they do have a dogs face, no matter how much you twist and turn the facts. I do miss night elf i guess, its sort of ME! We shall see in the future, probably not worgen forever, hehe ;) Oh, and happy reading, new post etc.


11.feb.2011 kl.20:42

Ohhh welcome back!!! :D


14.feb.2011 kl.13:51

Tribeca: Thanks, long time no see ^^ Hope i can STAY back tho, hehe..

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