Fan-fucking-tastic. OH, language?! Sorry.

Those of you who have known me (in-game) for a while, know that i have been slightly obsessed with the mount from Stratholme. Also, you know that this obsession started early. Very early. Probably like 3 years ago or something, i cant remember. But during TBC at some point at least. I couldnt solo at first, so had to go there with a friend, and ofc this limited effective farm time. Luckily i had friends who actually bothered to waste some time on this, so we managed to kill the guy quite often in periods. Also, the more gear i got, the "easier" i could solo. Read easy as in "barely doable" and it took forever. Forever, i tell ye.

Also you got to remember that balance druid wasnt always as viable as they are today. Now, people wont question you as a boomkin, but back then, people almost took you for riding the loco-train if you had a balance spec. Especially in raids. Anyway, i mostly had the same helpful solo things that i have today (barkskin, tree, hots), and the trees could dish out somewhat okay damage, BUT there was one problem. The trees couldnt be controlled like they can today. So when they had nuked my target to bits, they would act all ber-bloodthirsty and go on a pulling (not killing) frenzy. Most of the times it ended up with them pulling 13 mobs, then dying, then leaving all mobs to me. Especially i loved the spiders that silences. Mmmm, chain silence + 10 melee mobs = recipe for disaster.

I tried and tried and tried. And died and died and died. God know how many times ive died in Stratholme for that stupid mount. And when i finally managed to kill the mini bosses and dodge trash, i struggled with the abominations before the slaughterhouse. And then i struggled like fuck with Baron Rivendare himself. Died a lot there, i did.

And as if that wasnt enough, when i got quicker on trash, the big abom boss used to bug out. As in never actually coming out. I could hear him yelling, but since the door failed to open, he wouldnt come out and i had to a) ticket and wait for a GM, or b) run out and reset. And do the awful trash again. Since GMs werent nearly extinct back then, i usually went with option a). And one time the GM even came into Strat, fooled around in furbolg costume and turned me into a gnome and a pirate and what not. And then he watched me fail horribly at Baron. But he was cool, so he ressed me and let me go again, wooo! No mount though, no mount..

Then, one day Blizzard decided to up the drop rate on this mount. "Great" i thought, "finally i have a better chance". Yeah right, rofl. I watched nearly all of my guildies run in and get it in like 1-5 kills. Like seriously FML. Seriously. That was so lame, you have no idea. And most of them were people who knew i was obsessed, and they like "lol drop rate went up, im gonna go own you now Lunaire". And they did. Even my GM said "1000g bet that i get it in the first run". 15 minutes later i was 1k gold richer. And much more pissed off.

Neutral. Friendly. Honored. Exalted. Drop rate upped. Quicker runs. More kills. More frustration. Giving up.

Until lately, i mostly sent bad karma that way, and didnt even bother to go in. I did Sethekk Halls and MgT (FU hawkstrider and blood elf item which ive also searched for since BC and never even seen drop). Still no luck there. But i was in a good mood and said to myself after 2 others got some mounts, or at least someone in guild got the hawkstrider "Im gonna go to Kara now, and i deserve a horse, so it will drop today". Well guess what, it didnt. But i still wasnt put down for some odd reason, so i thought "ok, Rivendare, one more me killing you dead".

And WHAT THE FUCKADOODLE?????? Finally, after more than 3 fucking years, its there. The item ive been wanting to see all along. The skeletal head icon. Which is named Deathcharger's Rains. Hell to the yeah, i did deserve this, and im the coolest person alive. Thank you very much, thank you.




10.feb.2011 kl.15:17

Epic post Lunaire. Enjoy your new (not so sparkle) pony


10.feb.2011 kl.18:56

Grokknar: Thanks :D And what do you mean "not so sparkly", its VERY shiny imo :p


11.feb.2011 kl.13:55

Congratulations on your new horse :)

I'm still farming for mine *sigh* I've not been able to get any of the rare drop mounts either, but I'm glad you got yours!


17.feb.2011 kl.20:10

Congrats! I was so happy getting it my 49th run after hearing all of these horror stories. I hope you don't hate me :P I actually got dual spec feral when it was still expensive just to farm Anzu. Took me 3 months.

Still farming that damn Hawkstrider, though.

RIP ZG raptor and tiger D:


19.feb.2011 kl.06:02

heeeeeeilt enig

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